Tips for Stitching Faux Lace on Organza

See how some designs can be stitched to look just like freestanding lace!

There are so many lovely embroidery designs with a lacy look to them that are not actually digitized for freestanding lace (FSL). True FSL can be stitched on water-soluble stabilize and rinsed away without unraveling the thread.

Digitizers make sure that thread layers build upon each other to create a solid piece once the stabilizer is gone.

Some designs, particularly those with built-up satin-stitched edges, can mimic FSL if you stitch them on organza. When stitching is finished, carefully trim close to the thread and you have a lacy applique that can be applied to a number of things, including LED candles.

The Light it Up With Embroidery project used leaf and acorn designs from Autumn Scrolls and a pumpkin design from Forever Fall, both from Kreations by Kara. These designs are 70% off this week in the Pop-up Store!

Tips for Creating Faux Lace With Organza:

  • Choose embroidery designs with solid stitched edges like fill or satin stitching.
  • Use two layers of a quality organza.
  • Match organza color to the color of the base item.
  • Use the same color thread in the bobbin.
  • Baste the organza to the stabilizer before embroidery.
  • Slow down machine speed when stitching.
  • Trim away excess stabilizer before the final trimming.
  • Small scissors help to get into tight corners when cutting.
  • Keep a bit of stiffness by not completely rinsing the water-soluble stabilizer away.
  • A brayer roller helps flatten rinsed pieces on paper toweling.
  • Let rinsed pieces dry flat overnight.
  • Use a quality glue to adhere embroidery to the base item.
  • Have fun!