Light it Up With Embroidery

With the right combination of materials and stabilizer, you can embroider on almost anything – even candles!

Battery operated candles
Leaf and acorn designs from Autumn Scrolls
Pumpkin design from Forever Fall
Organza to match the candle color
Water-soluble fabric-type stabilizer
75/11 embroidery needle

Start by hooping two layers of organza and a layer of fabric-type water soluble stabilizer.

Most embroidery machines have a basting function. Run a basting stitch to secure layers of organza and stabilizer in the hoop.

Load the embroidery designs into your machine and stitch them out. I combined multiple designs in one hooping. The pumpkin design contained multiple jump stitches. Be sure to trim between jump stitches as you go.

Periodically remove the hoop between jump stitches and trim them on the back of the embroidery too. Otherwise, it is harder to trim jump stitches after they have been embroidered upon.

When embroidery is finished, remove everything from the hoop and trim each basic shape. Rinse away the fabric-type water soluble stabilizer according the manufacturer’s directions, blot with a paper towel, and let it dry overnight.

I like to rinse just enough away to make the stabilizer disappear but not soak it to remove all of the stabilizer. Keeping some stabilizer in the organza makes it easier to do the final trim and gives the piece a bit of body.

When completely dry, trim away organza close to the embroidery edges being careful to not clip into the designs.

Spread glue on the back of the embroidery and along the edges. Press the embroidery in place on the candle, making sure edges remain flat until they are dry. Add batteries and enjoy!