The Proper Way to Press Embroidery

Do you have embroidery envy when you see a beautifully pressed or ironed project with stitching that jumps off of the fabric? It is easy to accomplish when you press the right way.

In machine embroidery, threads sit on top of the fabric, giving the design a lot of dimension.

That is one of the reasons we use a topper when stitching on napped fabric, like the bunny pull toy project (get design info and tutorial here).

Press Before You Embroider

Using a spray starch or starch alternative like Best Press on your fabric before hooping and embroidery will give your stitching a professional touch, particularly when embroidering cotton or linen fabrics.

Ironing is especially important when using applique fabrics (get design info and a tutorial here). When fabrics lay flat and smooth, the end result is much better than if they are even slightly wrinkled.

Press After You Embroider

After embroidery, successful pressing depends mainly on your ironing surface.

Embroidered items should be pressed from the back side. Place several layers of cotton flannel or a towel over your ironing board and place the embroidered item on top, face down.

Set the iron according to the fabric you are pressing. Use spray starch or a starch alternative if needed.

When you lift the embroidery, you will see an indentation in the flannel or towel, a reverse image of the embroidery design. The pressing surface allows stitches to sink into it, preventing the iron from flattening out the thread, and producing some amazing finished projects.