Double Sided Applique Towel

Start with a basic applique design like this design, part of the Elegant Applique Leaves collection from Oma’s Place.

The applique technique in itself is the same, except that when you apply fabric to tack down, add it to the back too! Refer back to this tutorial if needed for specific steps.

When stitching double-sided applique projects, be sure to use the same color thread in the bobbin.

Hoop and baste as usual. The placement stitch shows up on both the front and the back.

Secure applique fabric and tack it down.

Make sure that edges of the applique fabric on the back don’t turn under when the hoop is reattached.

Trim both front and back applique fabrics when prompted.

When trimming fabric on the back of the hoop, be sure to not push on the hooped stabilizer. Otherwise, finishing stitches may not register correctly.

Continue stitching as the design indicates, remove excess stabilizer, and you will have gorgeous embroidery on the front and back of your towel, blanket, or whatever it is that you want to create!