Machine Embroidery Blanks Make Home Décor Easy

Adding a new pillow or table runner perks up home décor. Embroidery blanks make it even easier!

If you want to jazz up your décor, all it takes is adding a new piece of artwork, pillow, throw, or table cover. Instead of making the item and embroidering it, you can save time by embroidering on a pre-made blank.

You can even stitch custom garden flags

and door signs. You can add your surname, a monogram, or simply “Welcome.”

Pillows and throws dress up any area, especially if they are colorful and monograms make the extra special.

Customization is key. Add a first or last name to a plush throw for a high-end look. This one has a clever zipper in a seam so that it is easy to embroider through just one layer.

Vintage styles are great for commemorating a wedding anniversary or other milestone.

Tables take on an elegant style with pretty hemstitched placemats and napkins.

Runners and table covers add a touch of class. Just add embroidery to match your preferences.

Here are just a few of the places you can buy embroidery blanks. Please share your favorites, too.

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