Tips for Single Letter Monograms

Love Rose Alphabet 04 by One by One Embroidery

Monograms are a favorite design among machine embroiderers. Here are some tips for stitching single-letter monograms on your next custom project.

Single letters are one of the most common monogram styles, but what are the rules? These tips are traditional, but modern-day monograms are more relaxed.

Creative Monograms 3 by Creative Design

Single letters are most often used for the first name initial (children and single women) or the initial of the last name of single men and married couples/partners.

Crystal Butterfly Monograms by Ace Points Embroidery

Because these monograms stand alone, there is more room for embellishments, like crystals, and accents, like the butterfly.

Breath of Spring Monogram by A Stitch and a Half

Decorative frames are also quite popular and elegant.

Cutwork Monograms by Creative Design

Frames set off monograms, especially on table linens.

Samantha Monogam by Oma’s Place

When using decorative frames, simple alphabets should be chosen so they do not compete with the frame and are easy to read.

FSL Monogram Box by Dainty Stitches

This freestanding lace design is actually part of a pretty lace box. By itself, it makes a very elegant monogram and would look beautiful on an LED candle.

In cases when the married couple each keeps their last name, a double-letter monogram can be used.