Flowers: It is All About the Fringe

This is one time that loops in your embroidery are okay!

Typically, you do not want any loops in your machine embroidery. That means that your machine tension is way off or your machine may not be threaded correctly.

Fringed Flowers Zip Bag from Omas Place is a lovely project you can stitch right in the hoop. Besides having one of the easiest zippers that you will ever stitch, it features some unique flowers that have delicate thread-loop petals.

The secret to fringing embroidery is snipping the bobbin threads. It does not look like it should work, but the technique is genius. The design set includes a single fringed flower without leaves that you can try before starting on the zip bag.  

After stitching the flowers, turn the hoop over and slide small-tipped scissors under the bobbin threads. Snip bobbin thread.

Turn the hoop to the front and slip the scissor tip under the satin stitches. Give them a slight tug and threads will pull to the top. It is pure magic! Trim any threads that may be longer than the others and finish stitching the bag.

Everyone will be amazed that you made these pretty flowers and it may surprise you just how easy the fringing technique is to stitch. Omas also offers an XL Fringed Flower Bag that is made in the hoop and all of their designs are 65% off this month!

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