Tips for Stitching ITH Zippered Bags and Purses

Take advantage of the 70% off sale and plenty of down time with these helpful tips.

Often, when we make something like a zippered bag, we make several as gifts for friends and family. These tips will help when making machine embroidered zippered bags and purses in the hoop.

Read the Instructions

Before doing anything, read the directions. Print them out and mark notes, thread colors, and stitch sequences.

Make Templates

Plastic templates are helpful when making multiple projects with several components. Mark each one with measurements or identify it as to where it comes into play for the project.

Templates also help with fussy cutting fabrics to take advantage of particular prints.

Arrange and Prep Project Pieces

Cut out all pieces of the project, press, and label them if that is helpful.

Secure Pieces in Place

Glue sticks, whether it be an industry notion or a simple stick of school glue, help hold flaps, zippers, and small pieces in place.

Painter’s tape helps hold batting in place, particularly on the back side of the hoop.

Don’t Forget to Open the Zipper

If instuctions require you to slide the zipper open before stitching the front and back pieces together, do it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to turn the bag right side out. You can add a note on the printout of the project instructions or add a color stop to the design as a reminder.

What tips do you have for stitching zipper bags, wristlets, and purses?