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Good Morning, I purchased the Embird and I have so much to learn.  I have purchased fonts via downloads from other embroidery websites; however, I am having a time learning to use them.  In order for me to use these fonts to make a name or initials, do I have to purchase the Font Engine as well?  Thank you! – Renee’ Bass

Hi Renee,

Thanks for your email. No, you don’t need Font Engine. Font Engine is a digitizing program for converting true type font (like you have in Microsoft Word for example), to embroidery design.

The easiest way to use fonts in Embird is with the Embird Alphabets. These are pre-digitized embroidery designs that are really flexible and easy to use. For more details, please go to this link.

Embird is a great program and has many features. To get the best use of the program I would suggest you use a tutorial.

Embird have some small free tutorials available to use from within the program.  Open Embird, go to Help and then Tutorials to find them, or go to

If you really want to learn your program and get the most out of it I would suggest you look at Carolyn Keber’s tutorials.   They are extremely popular and are very informative and easy to follow.

Carolyn also offers ongoing support if you need any further help with learning your program.  Purchase of her full tutorials qualifies you for membership to Carolyn’s Embird Club and free tutorials on a regular basis.

If you have any further questions, just let us know.

Kind regards,

Margaret Hardwick-Smith
Customer Support
at Secrets of Embroidery

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  1. Hi Renee

    Sorry to take so long to reply but I have had my head down writing my latest Studio tutorial for Embird. It is very large and is taking a lot of concentration and because of this I am a little behind in answering my emails.

    From your email I am assuming that you have purchased lettering that has already been created such as embroidered letters. If this is the case then you need to treat them as embroidery designs rather than actual text. To use them in Embird Editor you need to use the File/Merge command.

    In the Merge screen navigate to the folder where these letters are saved and open the folder.

    Holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard left click on every letter that you wish to use. Then click Open.

    All the letters will appear in Embird Editor on top of each other.

    Select each letter from the Object order screen on the right side and then with the left mouse button held down on the selected object on the Design Page move the letter into position.

    Once you have all the letters lined up as best you can you can then use the Edit/Align command to make sure that they are all perfectly aligned.

    When you are happy with the alignment go to Edit/Select All (CYTRL+A) and then Edit/Join (CTRL+I). Go to File/Save As and save your file as a new file name.

    That should work for you.

    However, if I am wrong and it is actual fonts for Word Documents that you are referring to then you could perhaps email me back and let me know and I’ll give you some more advice.

    I hope that helps

    Kind regards
    Carolyn Keber
    Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design

  2. I am thinking of purchasing Embird Font Engine. But I would like to know more. Can I use any font and create the designs? I am thinking of using the Sanskrit fonts to create embroidery designs, more for the writing.


  3. Hello Gita,

    Thanks for your query. With Font Engine, you can use any true-type font to create digitized designs. Font Engine can be used in trial version prior to purchasing registration. Open Embird, and go to Editor/Insert/Font Engine Text. In trial version, you can use the A, B and C of each font.

    For more details please visit our Font Engine page or get back to us at any time.

    Kind regards,

    Margaret Hardwick-Smith

    Customer Support
    at Secrets of Embroidery

  4. Hi,
    I have a pfaff Creative 2134 and would like to know if i can use 5D soft ware on it.
    Have been reading different things but no deffinate answer to my question. I also use a laptop with windows 7.

    Many Thanks

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