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Several years ago, I purchased the PE-Design 4.0 tutorial. I have moved twice since then and do not have my copy. My real issue is with my security device. My computer crashed and I had to have the hard drive wiped clean. Now, I have installed the PE-Design program and have plugged in the security device, but still get the message “security device not found”. Can you offer may any help. Many thanks. – Ruth

Hi Ruth

I think you might need to go to the Brother web-site and get an update or fix for your program. They have software updates for most versions of PE Design available and you may need to install one for your version of PEDS and your current operating system.

Click on this link to take you to the download page on the Brother web-site where you can search for updates for V4

Best of luck

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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  1. Hi Carolyn. I have used your tutorial on PE Design 7 hole sewing.. It is so well written it was easy to follow. I now have a problem- since using it, and a move, I cannot find my card reader and therefore can’t use the program. I would like to buy a card reader, but am getting that is not likely. So, I was wondering if I purchased PE Design Lite would the card reader work with my software. Thank you for your time and knowledge,
    Elli Gray

  2. Thank you Elli, I am pleased that you liked my lesson. However I have sad news for you. You will not be able to open your program by purchasing either PE Disgn Lite or Basic as the security device for these programs will not allow you to open your version of PE Design. If you had your security device for PEDS V7 you’d be able to open the lesser programs of PEDS Lite and Basic but not the other way around sorry!
    Instead of buying a whole new program why do you not make a claim on your household insurance policy? When I lost all my software in our house fire six years ago my insurance company paid out on all of my software and computers and I was able to buy PEDS again
    with the payout from the Insurance. Check your policy as it is a loss afterall…..especially as you moved house. I hope it goes well for you.
    But as a last resort instead of buying PEDS all over again why not consider Embird? It’s much cheaper and doesn’t require a dongle. I can highly recommend it but if you need more info then just contact me again.

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