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I have a Brother 950D and a Brother PR-600. I bought the PE Next Software which was a large investment for me, but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Please tell me the best way to learn how to use my software. Primarily, my idea was to scan my patterns to create ‘in the hoop projects’. I am a basic beginner, please help.

Dear Beginner,

PE Design Next, the latest version of PE Design is not yet available in Australia so Carolyn Keber, our Embird and PE Design expert has not had a chance to become familiar with it. At this stage we don’t have any tutorials for PE Design Next. A User Guide for PE Design Next can be downloaded from the Brother website  or you may find the store you purchased your software from can help with lessons in your local area. Keep an eye on the Secrets of Embroidery Brother tutorial page for new tutorials coming in the future.

Kind Regards,

The Team @ Secrets

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  1. I am also new to embroidery and also have a question. I have a Brother PR-600 ( I bought off Ebay) It came with PE design 5.0, But it won’t work with my 64 bit laptop, now my ? is IF I bought the PE Design Next do I have to have a version for this to work? Any help please!!

  2. I have pe design next and i am trying to put stippling behind my design, do you know how i can do this and have the stippling behind the design cut out? thanks. Carol

  3. Hi All,
    I have the new PE Design Next and am in desperate need of help!!!to
    When do you think there will be a full tutorial available? Please, please, please hurry.
    Thank you,

  4. Cindthia’s Embroidery will soon have a book out on
    PE Design Next. Check her website to see if you can
    email her questions.

  5. in reply to Jan above
    I also have the same problem – I want to buy and install PE Design next on my 64 bit laptop, after my other 32 bit computer on which I had PE Design 6, failed. There is a cheaper upgrade version of PE Design Next available to upgrade from Version 5 onward of PE Design, but I did not wish to splash out on it, until I was sure that the upgrade could be accomplished on my 64 bit Laptop, so I have been in touch with Brother support. The upshot of my enquiries is that the upgrade CANNOT be carrried out on the 64 bit machine alone!!

    However, all is not lost! It is actually the card reader that is the key to upgrading, i.e. the cardreader itself needs a firmware upgrade before a 64 bit machine will recognise it. It is the installation process of “Next” that connects you to some Brother site, from where you are issued with a 15 digit code. This code is then entered at the appropriate place during the “Next” setup process, and the card reader is then updated, and will then work on your 64 bit machine – according to the Brother support message I received today.
    However, you first need to do this upgrade, on a 32 bit computer that does already recognise the Card reader – i.e. install “Next” on your old machine, or that of a helpful friend who is running a 32 bit version of windows, upgrade the card by following the instructions during the setup process, and then,once the card is upgraded, install Next on your 64 bit machine, and the now updated card reader will be recognised, and allow you to run the new “Next” software with your 64 bit computer.

    I realise this comment is over a year out of date, but it may help someone else who is thinking of upgrading, and also moving onto a new 64 bit machine.

  6. just wondering if any tutorials where going to be coming available for the pe design next software anytime soon?


  7. Hi Cassie,

    Thanks for your query. In response to another request for PE Design Next tutorials, our PED and Embird tutorial author, Carolyn Keber sent the following comments:

    I have not purchased PE Design Next. I made a decision to stop at PEDS V8. By all accounts PEDS Next really isn’t a lot different from any of the other PEDS versions. I think anyone could cope using one of my PEDS V6, V7 or V8 tutorials. However, I am always willing to help if they get stuck.

    To see our PE Design tutorials, please go to this link.

    Just let us know if you have any further queries.

    Kind regards,

    Margaret Hardwick-Smith

    Customer Support
    at Secrets of Embroidery

  8. I lost my English Brother Pe Design Next book. I have the Next CD and the Spanish Brother PE Design Next book. Would anyone like to swap an English PE Design Next book for a Spanish? I only used my lost one for few months. Please help me. Thank you.
    Joyce Aregi

  9. I’m a home user of PE Design 8 and I believe I started with PE Design 5 about 10 years ago. I’ve considered buying the Next program but with all of the difficulties I had with upgrading to 8 and a new laptop, I’m just not going to invest more money to have more problems. My thoughts are simply; why hasn’t Brother gotten rid of the software requirement for the card reader? I’ve never used mine, and I really hate that darn thing!

  10. I know these posts are somewhat scattered in age… but I learned how to use it from a site called Memories in Thread by Sue Lough. She is very good and has a site to teach you many priceless tools. She has tutorials you can purchase very inexpensively and you can join their club for free. I urge you to try it – there is an easier way to use it once you learn the tools and steps.

  11. Does anyone know if there is a way to use version 7 without the card reader? I have lost mine and having seen the cost of a new one I’d rather see if there is a way to use it without!

  12. I have PE-Design Vs. 5 as an upgrade to PE-Design Vs. 3. Will I be able to use PE-Design Next Upgrade or will I need a stand-alone NEXT?

    I am wanting to put these on a new computer Win7-32 bit. Your help is much appreciated as I have to make a decision very soon. Thank you. Martha

  13. I am looking to do a double chain stitch with PE Design Next – does anyone know how?

  14. I have PE design “Next” and I can’t find how to get thumb prints so I can look at what is on CD. I used to bring them up in Design 6, but since I went to windows 8, I had to upgrade.

  15. I have the software CD for Brother PE Design Next, but my card reader/writer is damaged. I just need the reader/writer because of course I can not open PE Design on my laptop without it.

    1. Can I buy a replacement from anywhere?
    2. Could I use the ultimate box instead?
    3. Could I use a reader/ writer from PE Design Basic?

    4. Would it be more monetarily efficient to switch to embird?

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