Laundry bags as stabilizer?

Enid of “Designs by Enid” writes about the use of laundry bags as wash away stabilizer.  What is a laundry bag?  Enid is in Africa, I am in Texas.  Is there something comparable here?  Anyone know?

According to Enid, these are no longer available, but perhaps someone else has more information?

Margaret Hardwick-Smith

Secrets of Embroidery

3 thoughts on “Laundry bags as stabilizer?”

  1. The laundry bags referred to are used by institutions and are disolvable in water. (They just toss the whole bag of laundry into the machine and the bag dissolves without having to touch the dirty clothes). They look like plastic but are made of a material that is similar to Solvy. The last time I checked, they were still available online but you would need to purchase a LOT of them. (Think institution size orders, by the case). I have heard of a number of people getting together and ordering them to split up the order between them.

  2. Years ago a bunch of us all got together and ordered the laundry bags. They are as described by Mary. I loved them, they worked great for solvy. I too live in Texas.

  3. Hello Margaret, regarding the Laundry bags you mentioned,I used them years ago on solid patterns, they were made of very strong plastic about 14in x 14inch.I think they were used in some commercial laundries.Some places still may sell did not use them on open & fine embroidery. I hope this gives you a better idea of what they were like. Happy sewing Irma

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