Janome Boot Problem

I love my Janome 11000SE except for one problem. When I turn on the machine the needle light goes on and after a few moments shuts off. The screen does not boot up. If I turn the machine on and off again several times, it will finally boot up. Has anyone else had this problem? When I take it to my dealer, she says she cannot duplicate the problem.



4 thoughts on “Janome Boot Problem”

  1. Had this with my machine and they have replaced the A chip in my mother board. Works great now.

  2. Thanks Marie, I’ll tell my dealer. I appreciate your reply. Now I don’t think I’m losing it:-)


  3. Hi
    I too have the janome 11000se and mine has done this also and you will find that It is your A Board in your machine that is starting to go.. have it replaced before it won’t boot up at all.and before it runs out of warranty.

  4. Hi,
    Itoo have this problem, also aften when changing colour it asks me to use the P foot,which is already in the machine.

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