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I love creating, learning and enjoying my family, friends and home.  I hope you have had a chance to read my blog “The Computerist” because I am putting lots of good information for all of you. 

I also love Feng Shui.  I feel like it gives me a ‘centering’ point for my spirit and body.  If you would like some free information, and she has a lot of free information, check out www.space-lift.com   Elizabeth is an enthusiastic Master of Feng Shui and she is truly someone who will share that information with you.  It does not matter in what corner of the world you are in, Elizabeth can help you!

A Jade Plant emphasized by a Charger Plate,> round mirror and some votive candles. Jade, because the leaves are round> like coins is considered to be a 'wealth gathering' plant and the mirror> doubles it!

This Jade Plant is emphasized by a Charger Plate,  round mirror and some votive candles.   Jade, because the leaves are round like coins, is considered to be a ‘wealth gathering’ plant and the mirror doubles it!

I love to learn things, and I am aware that many of you were never taught much about the computer that you are working with.  So many of us were just ‘set down’ and told to work with whatever programs were germaine to your job.  If you want to know more, please do check out my ebook, Computer Tips and Tricks to learn shortcuts, and most of all, unlearn bad habits that slow you down on your PC.

Thanks, and see you soon with my latest blog about Computers.

Pat, The Computerist

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