Embroidery on Ribbon

I was wondering if you had any advice on machine embroidering on ribbon.

The hardest part of embroidering on ribbon is stabilizing it. It must be kept perfectly flat and smooth or the results will be skewed. I have used sticky stabilizers with some success, and also temporary spray adhesive and basting. I guess the best results I’ve had were when I sprayed regular tear-away stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive (it doesn’t leave as much sticky residue on the ribbon if you spray the stabilizer) and then machine basting the ribbon along both edges to the stabilizer as well.

To be perfectly honest, I have never been completely satisfied with the results of any of my embroidered ribbon projects. The ribbon always seems to pucker and ripple along the edges after the stabilizer is removed. I think that is caused because a satin ribbon (just like satin fabric) is an unstable environment for embroidery to begin with, and grosgrain ribbon is not much better.

I hope you have better luck than I’ve had!

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  1. Hi – i also use tear away stabilizer and spray adhesive, and then I actually pin the ribbon to the stabilizer. I have been experimenting with embroidering on ribbon quite a bit lately and have discovered that certain fonts/designs do much better than others. For instance, the ever-popular ‘curlz’ font really has issues with puckering, yet a more straight-up-and-down font wont hardly move the ribbon! My suggestion is to experiment with designs/fonts that don’t over-tax the ribbon – also, i have the clamping system with my machine and i think that helps. Good luck!

  2. There was a great article in SewStylish Magazine. Bestylish.com Holiday 2007, so the Dec issue. I have a habit of clipping article and saving them in a binder, this is one I kept. The article is called Embroider your own label. on page 58. This article covers embroidering on ribbon. I used it to make ribbon and web belting luggage tags and key chains. I used the floriani sticky stabilizer and using the trial button on my machine it it kinda runs the needle over the box the lettering fits in. I also found that I like to run the ribbon the long way and turn my lettering 90 degrees. Once I was done I trimmed the stabilizer and then using the same ribbon sewed it in a looop (don’t forget to add the d-ring, or key chain. Then I sewed across tight to the ring, then down each side. Hope that helps.clc

  3. I use tear-away stabalizer with 505 spray, but also use scotch tape to hold the edges of the ribbon flat. It tears off easily and if you take off right away, no residue. I mostly embroider on 3M 1.5″ reflective tape. Hope that helps.

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