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  1. Hi Carolyn I got a Bernina Deco 330, I understand that you can upgrade the Deco 330 to use a USB, is it possible, if yes can you tell me what software is available and what will be the costs, thank you

  2. Hello,

    Regarding using your Bernina Deco 330 with a USB port, please refer to the store you purchased your machine from, so they can help you with this. Alternatively, try the Bernina support desk at Bernina.

    If you are interested in embroidery software, are you familiar with Embird? Embird is a very popular embroidery editing software that can be used with any embroidery machine.

    You can download Embird and use the program free of charge in trial version for up to 30 days to test the features prior to purchasing registration from here.

    If you decide to purchase registration, the cost to register the latest Embird Program is $131.00 and your password will be sent by email from the Embird company within 24 hours. This registration number comes with instructions how to enter the number into your Embird program on your computer. Once you enter the registration number into the trial version of Embird, this then makes the program on your computer a registered version that won’t expire.

    In addition to the basic Embird program, plug-ins can be purchased that add extra features. Digitizing Studio allows you to create your own designs, Iconizer displays design files as images, rather than the standard Windows icons when browsing design folders in Windows, the Alphabets are pre-digitized lettering programs and Font Engine allows you to create lettering from any true-type font on your computer.

    To get the best use of the program and make the most of the many features, you are advised to use a tutorial.

    Embird have some small free tutorials available to use from within the program. Open Embird, go to Help and then Tutorials to find them, or go to the tutorials section of the Embird site.

    If you really want to learn your program thoroughly we recommend Carolyn Keber’s tutorials. They are extremely popular and are very informative and easy to follow.

    For more information, please go to the Embird pages of the Secrets of Embroidery site or get back to us at any time.

    Kind regards,

    Margaret Hardwick-Smith

    Customer Support
    at Secrets of Embroidery

  3. I am a newbie and I was wondering if you can trim the back of your embroidery designs, or if you should leave those threads uncut to preserve the design. Thanks

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