Digitizing for Different Hoops

I want to digitize a design and save it for different hoop sizes – 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, but not have to re-digitize each time.  How would I do that?  I have been trying to use transform, but my work space doesn’t get bigger when I change the hoop size so I don’t know  what I could be doing wrong. Lynn

Hi Lynn,
In Embird Studio, if you wish to change the hoop to a larger size after you’ve started digitising then you need to select your design and then go to Edit/Copy. Now go to Design/New. Select a bigger hoop size and then go to Edit/ Copy. Your design will now be in the larger hoop.
I hope that helps, Carolyn Keber Tutorials for Embird and PE Design

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  1. I am trying to delete a corrupted font file in 5D extra. I am using Windows 8 and when I search for what you listed it says no file.. HELP!

  2. Lynn: Are you wanting the design it self to get larger is the reason for changing the hoop size? If so you can change the size of the design to as many different sizes in the digitizing program. Then when you finish and save each one for the size hoops that you are needing. You can change the size of the digitized picture as many times as you want after you finish the design. When you save the digitized file to 3d/4d. what ever you are running then you can change the hoops to fit you design.
    BB Josey

  3. FONT PROBLEM: Go to your File Explorer , proceed to your embroidery software, go to the file (System), look for the FONT FILE and continue on. You can clean up your font file there. Hope this helps.
    BB Josey

  4. I am also new to embird. If I want to do a design and it is larger than my largest hoop how do I have embird split it in half for two hoopings?

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