PE Design v3 on Vista

I have been running Pe-Design v3. on my old computer (windows XP) – now I have windows vista. Can someone please help me out. Which version will work with vista? And will my original box work or will I need to upgrade it also? Thanks!! – Debra

Hi Debra,

According to the Brother USA Home Embroidery web-site there is a downloadable update to install so that you can run PE Design V3 with Vista.

Here is the link

Hopefully that will solve the problem for you.  Good Luck.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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Will PE Design 7 work with Windows 7?

Hi Carolyn – I have the PE Design full version 5 upgraded to 6 and now I want to upgrade to 7. My problem is I have windows 7 and Brother tells me that the upgrade 7 will work with windows 7. Do you know if this is true? I don’t want to buy this if it is not going to work. Thanks – Kathy

Hi Kathy

I have just checked the Brother web-site and they do have a download available that will enable you to use PE Design V7 with Windows 7. You will need to go to their website and click on Software Updates and follow the prompts so that you can download the update to the program in order for you to use it in conjunction with Windows 7.

I hope that helps. Good Luck .

Kind regards

Carolyn Keber
Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design

Opening a Corel Draw File in Design Center

I have old PE design – 4.0 – and have been trying to open corel draw files (.eps) in design center to digitize.  They take a lot of work editing and I think there is probably a problem in how they are being saved.  Does anyone know how to save a file in Corel Draw so that I can open it as a vector file (Lines) in Design Center?

Embird and PE Design

I have PE Design 7 and have used your tutorials in the past and have just purchased the latest version. I have been looking at the info on Embird and am wondering if I would find it useful to have both programs.

The following information has been supplied by Carolyn Keber who writes Tutorials for both the programs.

PE Design is a software program created by the Brother/Babylock company. This program enables you to create your own designs which can then be used in your embroidery machine. There are two main design creation parts to the program – Design Center and Layout and Editing. Design center is a click and fill type of embroidery creation whereas with Layout and Editing you use the tools in the program and create the design yourself from scratch. You choose your own stitch settings, fill directions and much more. Layout and Editing gives you much more control over your design than Design Center. Although you can do a certain level of editing in PE Design it is not as easy as it is in Embird.

Embird contains a whole suite of programs starting from the editing software through to the Digitizing software where you create your own designs. Embird is wonderful for editing and you can do so much more in Embird than you can with PE Design. However if you already own PE Design then I would advise you to learn PE Design so that you can create your own embroidery designs but to buy Embird Basic to do your editing of designs. You will not regret buying Embird as it is wonderful and makes editing so easy.

If you do not own PE Design yet, and are just wondering if you should buy it, then I would say to you not to buy PE Design but to buy Embird instead. It is far better value for your money and the upgrades and updates are either free or approx $15 – which is far less than Brother charge for their upgrades. There is a tremendous amount of support on the internet for Embird – Yahoo groups etc – and you won’t have to rely on your dealer for support.

I have a number of tutorials available for both programs – including some free ones. Feel free to download these tutorials from Secrets of Embroidery and see what you think of the programs. I love Embird – I wouldn’t be without it.

How to Use PE Design 7

Hi to everybody. I have purchased the Brother pr620 with the software pe-design7. Can someone help me to understand why it eliminates the lines of seam that are created by a point to the other above the embroidery rather than under on embroideries purchased on the internet or those that you can free download?
Thanks – Elena

Hello Elena,

Thanks for your query. We do have some tutorials for PE Design V7 written by Carolyn Keber, which may be helpful to you. They are written in a style which makes it easy for beginners and advanced users to understand.

Kind regards,

Margaret Hardwick-Smith
Customer Support
at Secrets of Embroidery

Pitch & Frequency Settings

Hello Carolyn, I just bought (3) tutorials that you did – PE Design v6 & PE Design v7, and manual punch. They are very good, I just need more explanation on pitch and frequency, settings, when and how to use them. Would you have more in detail on this? Next, running path, this isn’t real clear for me. Is there a way to make a line stitch go gradual from small to large in width, other than manual punch? I have been away from this for a few years and seem to have forgotten all I ever knew, which makes it hard. I have kept up with the software even if I never used it, which is a mistake, it would have helped to at least try it.I would appreciate any help or suggestions you have. Thanks – JoAnne

Hi JoAnne

Step Pitch is actually just the length of your running stitches. You can set them to a longer or shorter length depending on what you require.  For instance if you wanted to make basting stitch files then you would lengthen the stitches so that they are easier to pull undone later. Or perhaps you wanted shorter stitches in something like triple bean stitch or even areas that are tiny and the normal length of stitches is too long. You then have the option to shorten the stitches. Does that make sense?

Frequency relates to the positioning of the needle in fill. A regular or default fill is created a little like laying bricks. The stitch points in every other row are placed mid way between the stitches in the previous row. This gives you that regular fill appearance. However, you can choose to create a different look fill by changing the frequency setting. Placing each stitch directly under the previous row will give you a lined type of fill as each stitch point is placed directly under each other in every row and will look like stripes or channels. By adjusting the frequency you can make the fill a more jagged look as well. Play with some of the settings and then stitch out little squares of each sample and then mark each one with the setting you used  so that you can refer to them when creating your designs.

No – you cannot gradually change the width of the line of satin stitching unless you’re using the Manual Punch Tool. The only program that I own that can do this is Embird Studio. This is possible using a Tablet combined with their Freehand Tool. The width can be changed gradually just by increasing the pressure on the Tablet itself. It’s very clever but sadly this function isn’t available in PE Design.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design

Will Tutorials for V7 work for V8?

I need information regarding the tutorials for PE Design Vs. 7 with reference to being able to use it for PE Design 8. If I order this tutorial, will it be applicable for vs. 8. I know absolutely nothing about this software since I just purchased my new Brother’s in December and this software came with it. Please advise what you may have that would “easily” teach me this program.Thanks – Joy Turner

Hi Joy

Yes, you will be able to use the V7 lessons (even V6) to learn Version 8. The program doesn’t change a great amount between versions and what they usually do is add little extras in (which you wouldn’t notice if you’re new :)) each time. If you ever run across any problems or notice any irregularities then you’re welcome to email me anyway as I do offer support for my lessons.

I hope that helps.

BTW, you should start with the Design center tutorial and then work from there. It will give you a good basic knowledge of the program and help you get familiar with it. All my lessons are “step by step” as I assume that you need help with everything.

Kind regards

Carolyn Keber
Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design