Bernina Reader/Writer Advice Required

I have a Bernina 170 and would like to start doing some serious embroidery. I was told I need a reader/writer box and came across this site that sells the Amazing Design Little Max and they claim it will work on the Bernina Artista machines but does not list any models. Since my machine is older has anyone out there with a 170 know if this box will work with the 170?
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  1. Hi MaryLou,
    I have an Amazing Box MAX & I just checked the slots on it, there is one marked Artista but I think there are different versions. I purchased it from they would be able to tell you if it is compatible with your machine. I don’t know whether this item is available here on Secrets.

  2. Hi
    The box might be a great bargin but do you know anyone who knows how to use it if you can not figure it out in my books buy from your bernina dealer they know how to use it and will be there when you need help

  3. I have a Bernina 185. I bought my machine used from a friend who had never used it. I paid a lot for it and after I started figuring it all out I realized she never bought the software. The software is rather expensive and I just couldn’t see paying several thousand dollars for it. I researched and bought a Magic box. I can now do anything I want. I purchase designs as well as get free ones. Later if your interested, I can tell you of a website that I found that you can buy their fonts and download their software FREE and join letters together to make names or whatever you want. The Bernina people tell you that you can’t do such without their software. I know different! I don’t know much about your machine, I do know that mine is about 10 years old. Just go online a research. If you have a Bernina machine you have a great machine.

  4. MaryLou,

    The site I gave you before has the Amazing Box Max for the same price as the Little Box Max US$149, if you purchase one of these you will need a compatible card for your machine, the same applies to any brand box.


  5. When I try to use my Magic Box I click on the read button and I get a message ” Converter Box MFC Application has stopped working.” Can you please help me?

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