Viking Designer SE unzipped designs don’t appear in 5D Organizer

I purchased a new computer and am now running Windows 7 which previously I was running XP with my 3D software. I was forced to a purchase of 5D because of the new computer. Deinstalled 3D and installed 5D not sweat.l As I routinely do with the old computer and 3D I purchased designs and … Continue reading “Viking Designer SE unzipped designs don’t appear in 5D Organizer”

Husqvarna Viking 5D Software Upgrade

Husqvarna Viking have just released the 5D Version of their software. When the 4D version was released the fourth dimension represented yourself, the user. Now with 5D the new dimension is Imagination.  It is not available in Australia yet, but from the little I have seen I cannot wait to get my hands on it … Continue reading “Husqvarna Viking 5D Software Upgrade”

Tutorials for Husqvarna Viking VIP Stitch Editor software

First, being new to this site, just wanted to say how excited I am to have found it! I think this site is going to make my sewing/embroidery experience so much more enjoyable! I recently purchased my very first embroidery machine – a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE, Ltd. Edition. So far, I’m in complete and … Continue reading “Tutorials for Husqvarna Viking VIP Stitch Editor software”

Pfaff/Viking 5D Embroidery is Coming…

Looks like it is on again with a new 5D version of the Pfaff/Viking software to be released later this year. It is thought that if you purchase the 4D between now and the 31st of July FROM A PARTICIPATING DEALER you will get the upgrade free. Personally I would wait till the new version … Continue reading “Pfaff/Viking 5D Embroidery is Coming…”

Viking Platinum Error Code Help Required

I have a Viking Platinum 955E. It has been giving an error code for the top/bottom thread has broken. I check everything and nothing is broken. I have re-threaded top and bottom and inserted a new needle. I have cleaned it as well as I can. Now it is giving me the error code of … Continue reading “Viking Platinum Error Code Help Required”

Organ Needles – Viking Diamond

Is it okay to use Organ Needles in the Viking Designer Diamond Sewing Maching?????????  We have been told not to use them because they are a little bit too long.  And, since I have the Diamond – I would like to know the answer to this.  Thank you – Yvonne. Hi, This is a general … Continue reading “Organ Needles – Viking Diamond”