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Change Satin Outlines to Redwork

Hi – I want to change the satin outlines on designs to redwork to cut down on stitching time. Can I do this using Embird? Thank you – Jennifer Hi Jennifer, Yes, you can replace satin outlines with Redwork but you would need to do this in Embird Studio. Open the design in Editor and […]

Stabilizer for Redwork

I am trying to do redwork which has scripture (words).  Which stabilizer should I use tear away (and Lose Weight Exercise) or cutaway.  I have trouble with the words coming unstitched.  Should I leave back stitches in tact?  Thank you – Linda Hi Linda! I’m not sure what project fabric you are using, but for […]

Thicker Redwork Lines in PE 6

Hi Carolyn, I digitized a design with PE 6 software. How can you thicken the line in stage 3-4 so that the swirls in redwork are a little thicker than just the line draw? Thank you, Phylliss Hi Phylliss Unfortunately in Design Center you do not have the choice of Redwork or Triple stitching as […]

Embird 2010 is Here!

A Quick Look at Embird 2010 by Carolyn Keber Embird 2010 has just been released. It is a free upgrade to those who already own Embird 2008. I have been fortunate enough to have been beta testing this latest version for some months. The Embird authors delayed releasing this version to ensure that everything worked […]

Small Embird Alphabet

Query – I need advice for creating really small letters ( less 1/4″ ) for quilt labels.  I have several of the Embird alphabets (1-6, 11) and I have printed out labels using them.  But I feel that the resulting letters are too dense and heavy looking to be attractive. Is there a particular Embird […]

Piece in the Hoop Frame Project

Larisa from Threads That Bind Us had a blast stitching out these cute Framed Tony & Jonie projects. The set includes full instructions on how to make these two framed redwork designs. Everything is completed in the hoop with no additional sewing required. Tony & Jonie are quite the pair, and the fun part of […]

Pre-Design Studio vs Corel DRAWing

I would like to know if this is a free standing program or if you need embird? Also how does it compare to Corell DRAWing? The price is certainly attractive. Thank you. Our Pre-Design Studio program is a vector drawing program and “only”  a limited embroidery digitizing program. Pre-Design Studio’s most important function is to […]

Getting to Know the Secrets Blog

Blog Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to login to the Secrets Blog to use it? No, you do not need to log in or subscribe to anything to read or contribute comments to the Blog. Once you have clicked through to the Blog page you are able to access all the postings that are […]

Using 5×7 Designs with Viking 1

I have viking #1+ with customizing Pro emb system 5. Would like to get redwork designs but they are 5×7 as are some other items that I would like to do. Is there software that will set these for the plus hoop that is with my machine or is it just not possible for my […]