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Stabilizer for Redwork

I am trying to do redwork which has scripture (words).  Which stabilizer should I use tear away (and Lose Weight Exercise) or cutaway.  I have trouble with the words coming unstitched.  Should I leave back stitches in tact?  Thank you – Linda Hi Linda! I’m not sure what project fabric you are using, but for […]

Tying Off Those Loose Ends

I have a single letter in satin stitch that I’m putting on baseball hats. I have a major problem, I can’t figure out how to tie off at the end and my design keeps unraveling. Please help! – Deb  Hi Deb; Yep, that can be aggravating. Some fabrics just don’t want to hold the tie-off […]

Stabilizer for Baby Clothing

Hi, I would like to ask – What kind of stabilizer is used on newborn clothing so that the stitiching is not scratchy to the skin? Thank you – Robin Lapin Dear Robin, I like to use Terradon’s “Lite & Sheer Mesh Fusible” stabilizer for any baby articles I embroider when the back of the […]

Embroidering a Sampler

What is the best Lose Weight Exercise of fabric to use when embroidering a Sampler, ie a design for framing? I have used broadcloth (quite thin) and although I don’t hoop it taut, there is still puckering around some of the design. Possibly I should double the stabilizer or better still use a heavier fabric. […]

Knitting and Embroidery

Hi Evy, I have recently knitted a cap for my granddaughter. Is there a way of embroidering a design on the cap?   Mary Hi Mary!   I love that someone else besides me wants to put embroidery on knitting! Woo Hoo!   Here’s what I’ve discovered…   Applique designs work best. No matter how […]

Embroidery on Lycra

Hi Evy,   I was wondering if it is possible to embroider on swimsuit lycra, and if so how would this be done as lycra is very, very stretchy. What type of stabilizer would be used? Thank you in anticipation of an answer.Regards Judy Dear Judy,   Yep! Embroidering on Lycra is tricky! I’ve done […]

Embroidery on T-Shirts

Hi, this Grace Manuel from LA. Could you please tell me which stabilizer is best to embroider on t-shirts? I am new at embroidery. I want to do some t-shirts and don’t know which stabilizer to use. Thank you. Dear Grace,   Most knit fabrics require the use of a permanent stabilizer, meaning one that […]

T-Shirts and Holes

What is the best way to stabilize t-shirts so that lettering doesn’t make holes in the fabric? And, if you get a hole, what is the best way to fix it !Thank you, Andi Woodson Hi Andi,   T-Shirts are fun to embroider, but they do require a little extra TLC! I suspect that you […]