Can’t Open Design from Desktop

My question/problem is that ever since I upgraded I cannot open a design directly from my desktop. I have to open Embird first, then go through to find my file in order to open it. Before the upgrade, I justed to be able to click on my design and it would automatically open up with […]


I am new to embroidery and am finding that even though I work with the hooped fabric to ensure that it is pulled tight, my finished design has puckered the fabric.  I have tried many types of stablizer, sometimes doubling it, and have also used spray adhesive to prevent any movement during the embroidery process. […]

The Bottom of the Garden

At the bottom of our garden live a bunch of ducks, they do not belong to us, but they love to visit and see if there might be a treat for them, they are fascinating to watch, and listen to as they qwack to each other. No wonder there have been so many stories, illustrations […]

Enlarging a Design

Hello Carolyn. Since downloading the update for Embird, when I enlarge a design I get a lot of long stitches that show blank spots on the design in Embird, they are still there but the stitch is just too long. I have tried making sure the tension is ok to enlarge. Can you help me […]

New Embroidery Tips

Have a look at our new  Embroidery Tips area, it has been completely remade and has great articles on embroidery techniques, computer help, design placement, digitizing, needles, thread, stabilizers and adhesives.  Many thanks to Ananda who spent long hours re-making it all! Have a look and leave a comment – we love to hear your […]

Heirloom Dress

Evy, I’m looking for a very small, delicate, redwork type font (not satin stitch) to embroider my granddaughters’ names and dates on a very lightweight cotton/poly dress. I hand embroidered their mother’s name and Baptismal date 30 years ago, but would like to use my embroidery machine to add their information to this heirloom dress. […]


How does one make a continuous borders,like on the hem of a little dress or around a neckline,etc? Appreciate the help! Hello!   Borders are so much fun…a little bit of a pain to align…but well worth the effort! Here’s my method, but keep in mind that there are other methods that work just fine […]

Thread Question

What kind of thread do you use for embroidery and what kind should I use for assembling clothing.  I was using the same for both but I was told that the embroidery thread isn’t strong enough for regular sewing. Do they only have prewound bobbins for embroidery and quilting? Thanks A cotton/polyester blend of sewing […]

Fill Doesn’t Close

Hi Carolyn, I have attached a design with a large fill area. It is created in PEDesign and I find that often with PED, when the design fills, it does not quite close. It looks as though one more row or so would close it up nicely. Do you have any suggestions as to how […]


Welcome to the Secrets Blog! Hi everyone and welcome to our new Secrets Blog. Here is where you will find the Ask Evy and Ask Carolyn columns which used to appear in the fortnightly newsletters. You can use the menu system and categories on the right to find your way around.  Feel free to add your own comments and advice […]