New Year, Fresh Start

I love having a New Year because, some how, it feels like there is an opportunity to be different – – reinvented if you please.

I don’t make resolutions because they make me feel guilty when I don’t keep them, but I do make new directions for myself.  In connection with that, I was just reading an idea that I really “got!”

You remember the ad that said “Just Do It!”  What would have happened if Nike would have said something like “Just sit there and wallow in indecision.”  That phrase just hit home with me, and so I am the ‘Just Do It Lady’ these days.

You will be seeing my usual Computer tips around the end of the month in your Secrets of Computers Newsletter.  This month will be really interesting because I found a method to stop a computer problem that always bugged me – the volume control.   I have the volume set very low for my games but very high for my Skype.  If I get off Skype and go to a game, the sound nearly kicks me off my seat.  But my easy and free hint solves that problem quickly.  I am also discussing how to use Help more effectively for those of us who need assistance right away.  It promises to be a really good newsletter, so watch for it soon.

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Pat, The Computerist

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