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Hello Carolyn

My son helped me find your blog as I bought the serial to usb cable. I have found most of the nooks and crannies to make the computer talk to the pfaff 2144 (upgraded to 2170).

When I pull up the VIP file assistant I am getting an error message ‘error occurred while getting a folder listing  from the machine’.

Any thoughts on fixing this error? I am runing Vista 32bit on my computer. The computer seems to be running the program fine, I thought maybe I need to update the file assistant somehow.  Thank you for any assistance.


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  1. Hi Maria, I have the Pfaff 2144 and I also get
    this same error, with Vista 32 bit.
    I have not been able to find out what causes it. So I am watching for an answer to this question also.

    Thank you

  2. Hello again,
    After several calls to my dealer and one to Pfaff,
    I have learned that the VIP file assisstant for the 2140
    has not been suported since 2007, therefor updates for Vista were not designed.
    Answer to my dilema a second son had an old laptop with XP
    which is now running my pfaff software. YEAH
    New dilema: need more blank memory cards to hold embroidery designs?

    Thank you

  3. I have been unable to install the 32bit drivers for 4D Suite and 4D File Assistant on my new pc running windows 7. However, I can access the software, edit, create, etc. but I can’t get 4D File Assistant to communicate with my machine. Does anyone have an answer. I may have to do as Maria did use my old XP computer to connect with my machine. It’s cumbersome, but if that’s the only way???

  4. HELLO
    I have just bought a new computer Windows 7. I loaded the embroidery software no problem but the dongle would not open it. I downloaded the vista update and hey presto the dongle worked. I now have a new problem, the USB connection will not work. I have been advised by Pfaff support that I need to purchase the 4D File Assistant as this will support the Windows 7 on my new computer and will allow the USB connection to work. More money to spend!

  5. maria, what brand of serial usb cord do you have? i have just transferred my 4d software from xp to windows7 and cannot get the com puter ot talk tp the machine. i may have to use the old computer just for my machiune also.

  6. carolyn, could you please advise if and how to transfer my html catologue and my threads in 4d embroidery extra from xp to windows 7 thanks lois

  7. I have the 2170 and I purchased a new HP 64 bit computer the dongle worked at the beginning of last June on computer but now it will not work, computer keeps saying HASP unable to access SRM-Run Time Environment (H033) anyone know why this would all of a sudden happen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Please help me I don’t know where to turn. I am a full time RV’er and right now am not anywhere there is a sewing store for Pfaff. Thank you

  8. Carol, did you change the port the dongle had been in? They don’t like to be moved around – get comfy and work in one but not others ;-/

  9. Maria,
    I had the same response when I tried to migrate from Vista 32 bit system to a Vista 64 Bit system. After several days, I finally discovered VIP File Assistant needed to run as an administrator. When you start File Assistant you have to allow it to run. I have no problem now getting a folder listing from the 2170 machine, transferred designs to and from the 2170.
    I hope this helps.

  10. I read all the above comments and didn’t see my specific issue so here goes:

    I have a 2144 updated to 2170 and have been using VIP customizer. My cable has a serial connection and I have successfully used the program with my laptop running XP.
    Sadly, the laptop is now defunct and my new one runs Vista 64 and does not have a serial port.
    What is the most economical way for me to get back to being able to do embroidery? I’m thinking I should get a stand alone embroidery machine but then would miss all the bells and whistles of my Pfaff. Please let me know what you think.

  11. Hey folks … I just purchased a Pfaff 2140 upgraded to 2170. The machine keeps breaking needles. This gets expensive as Schmetz needles are expensive. Please tell me what causes this and how to resolve it. Thanks

  12. I have recently purchased a used 2140 that has been upgraded to 2170. It came with 3D file assistant, 3d bonus designs, and 4d file assistant software. I also have a Belkin converter box (I’m assuming that is the proper term) that has a cable running from it to the computer’s USB slot, while the card has a cable with 9 pins that connects to the box.
    I am using a Dell and Windows XP.
    I have loaded and can open both the 3d and 4d file assistant softwares, but when I try to open the 3d bonus designs, I’m told that I need I need 3D suite installed first. I don’t have such software. Is there a way I can get it?
    And last (maybe), when I try to transfer files from the 4d software to the PC card (2 1), I am getting a message to please check to be sure the creative card is properly connected to the computer.
    I have moved since I bought this machine, and the local Pfaff store doesn’t offer a lot of help, being as I purchased the machine elsewhere.
    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Oh, last thought…I have no dongle. Do I need one? If so, where would I get one?
    Inquiring minds need to know before they lose hope and interest in this whole project.

  13. Hi,

    Easy answer you do not need a dongle. 4D and 3D file assistant do not need a dongle to operate.

    I would delete the 3D file assistant and just use the 4D as it is more recent. Having both is a duplication and may cause conflicts. I suggest that you remove both and then reinstall the 4D to make sure that it goes on cleanly. Hopefully this will clear your issues with the transfer. I suspect the previous owner had to get 4D File Aassistant for the transfer box to function correctly.

    The 3D bonus designs assume that you have purchased 3D suite as they come with this. Unfortunately you cannot get them off the cd in the usual way as they are locked away.

    I still run my upgraded 2170 via a cable that connects to a serial port on my old laptop. I do know that with the advent of Vista there were issues with the USB transfer to the Pfaff machines. Let me know what happens when you just use one File assistant package.

    Carolyn Duncan
    Author of Husqvarna, Pfaff and Sewing Tutorials

  14. My 2170 has an ongoing problem with the thread cutter. It has gone into the factory numerous times and comes back with the same problem. cutter very important to me as i do alot of embridery work. Help!!!!

  15. I am really grateful with all the good advice. I am living in the capital of Norway,Oslo, and we only have 2 shops which sells fabrics and sewingmachines. I bought a Pfaff 2144 together with the full 3D suit. I bought a new computer that runs Window 7. I have done all upgrades and the whole arrangements.Only one problem left. The connection between Pfaff 2144 and computer.The store where I bought the Pfaff isn`t very helpful with software issues. I know to need where I can buy or download 4D file assistant, or else I soon will be crying.Best regards from Susanne.

  16. So- I have had my 2170 and 3D embroidery for years. As with everyone else, I upgraded my computer and going back to embroidery have been told I need 4D file assistant. I have got the software installed but need connection between laptop and machine – I noticed a blogger above talked about using vip as an administrator- where do i find VIP – sorry hope this is not too dumb of a question. Thanks.

  17. I am running Vista on a 32-bit computer. I have 3D file assistant. When I click on the machine icon, I keep getting the message “An error occurred while getting folder listing.” I was able (once)to go to computer, click on express transfer (with one design selected) and have it work and at the end, got the same error, but the design was there. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to do it again.

    who is going through withdrawal 🙁

  18. I have a Pfaff 2170, 4D File Assistant and my laptop runs Windows 7. I have the cable that came with the machine for connecting the Pfaff and the computer but no matter what I try I get the comment “can not open COM port”. What am I doing wrong? I love my machine but I now want to do other designs. Thanks.

  19. Do you know if the Pfaff Customizing programs and the Viking Customizing Programs are one in the same; meaning they are the same program, with different outside packaging? Thanks, Donna

  20. I have successfully transferred designs to my Pfaff 2170 many times, yet often I hook up these pals and they won’t play well together. Don’t despair!
    Try rebooting the computer, already hooked up to the machine, which is turned on. That way, your computer will “see” the machine’s memory. The other thing that seems to make a difference, is which usb port I use. I have a fast usb port and one that is just garden variety. Fast doesn’t see my machine, garden variety does. Keep trying usb ports until it works. When you do get it to work, record where and how you hooked them up, so maybe next time …..

  21. Help. I bought a used Pfaff 2170 to see if I would like the embroidery feature and I lost the icon showing the ports. How does one reset to factory settings? I can’t find anything in the manual.

  22. I cannot transfer designs from my computer with windows 7 to my Pfaff with card and USB port. How do I get the file assistant for 4-D? Cannot seem to find this answer. Please help!!
    Thank you, Sandy

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