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  1. Ann,

    They are having issues with this — somehow some computers drop the drivers needed to send designs. First try this….

    Go to 4D configure, and “Reset all Modules” to see if that helps (it is kind of the cure all for our software and might help). If that doesn’t work, then you need to contact your dealer — there is a “fix” for this available on the Viking Dealer website that they will have to help you with. Sorry I couldn’t provide the true “Fix” but they are kind of protective of it!! Software support could help you as well, if you have not used your one free phone call to them!!


  2. Noelle,

    I FOUND IT!! Here is the memo about communications for the Machines straight from Viking… Hope it does the trick!

    Viking Communication Wizard Information
    February 3, 2009
    Embroidery Machine Communication Wizard
    We have created a wizard to help customers fix communication issues. The Embroidery Machine Communication Wizard can be found here – http://www.vsmsoftware.net/Support/communicationissues/index.htm

    The wizard helps the customer through procedures to help them discover why they are unable to communicate with their embroidery machine; and then gives the instructions for them to fix their issue

    We have created a FAQ# HA013 to point customers to the Embroidery Machine Communication Wizard; but have also put links to some of the existing ‘Communication’ FAQs that point to the Embroidery Machine Communication Wizard.

    Embroidery Machine Smart Update Wizard:
    On a similar note, we have also created the Embroidery Machine Smart Update Wizard as a way of helping customers follow the correct steps to get their embroidery machine updates. The direct link is: http://www.vsmsoftware.net/Support/embmach_smartupdate/index.htm

    The existing FAQ HA011 has been amended to include a link to the Embroidery Machine Smart Update Wizard page

    PS. This also works for anyone having issues with the Creative Vision Machine from Pfaff

  3. I find it is a lot easier to use either the USB stick that came with the machine or buy one. You can get them very reasonable. By using the stick, you don’t have the cord in the way, which I find to be cumbersome.

    Judy F.
    SW Florida – USA

  4. Ann, You don’t say if you have 4D software, but I assume you do or at least have the organizer for communication with your machine. Go to configure (screwdriver-pliers) and left click on send 1 and set it for “direct USB Connection” and then open your design and highlight it and push “send 1” in the upper left corner. Make sure you have your SE connected to your computer with the machine showing down in the right hand corner of your computer screen next to the clock.

  5. Anne, I have the same sewing machine. I was having trouble with the same thing and found that I needed to have the dongel plugged in on the right, not the left outlet in the back of my computer. After I switched that, it worked fine. Not sure if this helps or not, but give it a try. Switch outlets and see if that works.

  6. Hi,

    First check that you have the correct drivers installed:

    Make sure that your dongel is attached and that you are connected to the net. Open 3D/4D Configure and go to Smart Update to download any updates that are available. (I always save them to the desktop so I can find them again.) Double click on the updates to install them.

    If you are running the 64 bit version of Vista you need special drivers available from this link.

    Once you are sure that the drivers are ok then try the communication wizard at this link to get the communication established.

    Hopefully this will set you up.

    Carolyn Duncan
    Author of Pfaff, Husquarna and Sewing Tutorials

  7. Linda,
    thanks for posting these links to vsmsoftware support. This helped a lot with my new Windows 7 Computer. Now I can download my Creative Vision machine updates again! Thanks!


  8. The caable from the computer to the machine has to be plugged into the same USB port as the one you used for the first time. Also the dongle has to be plugged in. Once you disconnect the cable you need to go back to 3D Configure, Send 1 (or Send 2), click on Designer SE, Apply, OK to get the computer to send the design to the machine. I learned this after much frustration.

  9. I had the same problem. It is a security setting issue. On your computer, go to “Settings”, “Control Panel” and a number of different items come up. Go to “Users Accounts”. You should click on “Turn User Control Accounts Off”. Your computer will need to be restarted. After you are finished with your embroidery for the day, go back and turn the User Conrol Accounts back on. Hope this helps.

  10. The problem I am experiencing is my SE LE stopped allowing me to load any of the designs I have in “My Designs” or in “MY Files” (I have plenty of memory in both). When I select a design in either of those areas, I get the pop up window that says “Device disconnected”. I also cannot cut or copy any designs from the USB stick into either of those files. I CAN load a design onto my machine only from the USB stick and it embroiders great. Someone suggested I remove the embroidery arm and then reattach but that did nothing. What can I do!! Being so close to Christmas I cannot afford to take it to the dealer.
    Thank you for any help or suggestions.
    Earlene in Utah

  11. If you have security concerns about turning you user account off then you can work off line. Go to File at the top of your page and click on “Work off line” then you won’t be connected to the internet. I also had problems with my firewall and virus wall not allowing my dongel to be found so I have to turn them off also. After my software is connected I then go back and turn them back on.(the firewall etc.)

  12. I am trying to load my 3D Embroidery Artist into my Windows 7 computer. I am having difficulty activating the dongle. I get a message that says “Fail update dongle”. I have installed the updates listed on the internet. Previously, I was using this software and dongle with Windows Vista but no longer have that operating system. What do I need to do?

  13. I have the Designer SE and 3d software that I have had for years. I recently got a new computer with Windows7 Professional. I set up the Xp mode in the computer and downloaded the 3d software which went fine. But when I went to send design from computer to machine via cable it wont go. I have the red x on my machine icon on the bottom of computer. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you oh so much. I enjoy your blog.

  14. Good Morning ,I need Help !! Finally jumped off & bought a new notebook with Win.7 Pro. & an XP Mode which I understood would support my 3D software that came with my machine, nothing fancy no dongle needed . Well guess what I can’t seem to get this to work ?? Loaded a pattern of a chicken & we all know they aren’t BLUE mine are!!!!!Also doesn’t want to connect to machine !! Is there anyone or anything out there to help me with this transition that I thought was going to be a couple of clicks & would be off & running !!WRONG Thank You Ahead Of Time For The Help. Linda

  15. Hi Linda,

    If your chicken was blue it is because the colour codes in the 3D software do not match the codes that the design was originally digitized in. I had a lot of blue horses when converted to Brother format.

    You should be able to just put the design onto the USB stick and then have the machine read it. Sometimes connecting to the machine via cable is notoriously difficult. If you have a red X over the machine icon it may be that there is something in your computer that is interfering with the communication. I suggest that you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the software to see if that fixes it.

    I just use my USB for a hassle free life. As you seem to lose communication with every windows update.

    Carolyn Duncan
    Author of Husqvarna, Pfaff and Sewing Tutorials

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