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Will the USB card reader from PE Basic work for PE Design 7.0? My USB card reader was water damaged by my infant and my Brother store will not replace it, they want me to buy the software all over again. Any advice? – Mrs AJ

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  1. Judging from the date, you may have already gotten a new disk. However, I did get a disk by checking Google. I paid (as I recall) about $70 for it.

    I know that is a lot, but it is a specialized disk and that is why it is so much more than other disks.

  2. Hi , I’m not familiar with the Brothers protocol, but it seems to me if you have proof of purchase for your program they can replace the dongle for a nominal fee. If you purchased it at their sewing store they will have a record of it on their files. Check it out. Good luck

  3. Mrs AJ,
    I’m not computer-savvy enought to know if you could use another card reader (or whether one could be configured), but why not check some of the online sales sites (E-Bay, Craigslist, etc) to see if someone is selling a used one? At least that would be better than paying full price again from Bother. Best of Luck!

  4. I don’t know about PE Basic and PE Design but I was told by an Ultimate Box technician that any 4mb card could be used in the Ultimate Box. The card that came with my PE Basic is a 4mb card and it works just fine in the Ultimate Box. What size was the damaged card?

  5. Did you try going directly to the manufacturer instead of your Brother store? I would definitely write to their Customer Service department. I would mention how loyal you are, but that your investment already and their good name is on the line.
    If you are willing to pay for the actual USB at a reasonable cost and/or send them the damaged one, I believe most corporations want your long-term business.
    There is always Better Business Bureau to contact for help.

  6. No, the Reader/Writer Box from your PED Basic will not work with you PEDesign V7. I have both PED Basic and PEDesign V7 and I have discovered that the PEDesign box will work with PED Basic but not the other way around.

    Good Luck and I hope you can find a replacement PEDesign V7 at a reasonable price.


  7. I don’t have PE Design 7 (Switched to Embird a long time ago). But I now use PED Basic to write my cards–it’s perfectly adequate for that.

    Just be aware that it can ONLY WRITE to cards–not read from them, (so you’ll no longer be able to take designs from your old cards to put ‘into’ your PED7 program for alterations/changes).

    As long as your old reader/writer box is being ‘accepted’ by PED7 (in other words, you’re able to open and use the ‘program’ to make and alter designs–just can’t physically write them to cards any more), then buying PED Basic should be good enough.

    But….I think I’d first be absolutely sure you can’t get a replacement reader/writer box. Especially if there’s any chance the damaged one will get worse….cause without ‘that’ box attached (and ‘accepted’) PED7 probably becomes absolutely impossible to ‘access’, (at least that’s what happened to my old PED2.5 once I no longer had a serial port to attach my old reader/writer box.)

    If your dealer isn’t willing to find out how to buy a replacement box, maybe you should ask another dealer?

    Mary in the DC suburbs

  8. I have an iMac with Parallels on it so I can run Mac/Windows7 at the same time.I have Embird2010 and I use a ScanDisk reader/writer with a compact flash card.I have used this since I had a PC till it died.So the problem is when I download a design to the card my computer see the design the color file too.But I put it into my Janome 300E machine and it tells me “The files are corrupt do you want to delete them?” Even if I say yes when I go back to check it on the computer the 2 files are still there.The machine is not reading my card and I have used this on this same machine all the time with the PC but now I have Mac it hasn’t been reading it anymore.WHY?

  9. Hi hope you can help. I have a Brother Innovis 750E embroidery machine with the PE DESIGN NEXT. Now I need to get the PE DESIGN Version 5 with the reader and writer box to use the upgrade sold to me. Or is there anything else I can get to start using the upgrade.
    Thank You

  10. My dongle was damaged and I see on here some comments that PED Basic will not work with PE Design 7 and another that it will write but not read. So, my question is, can I digitize a design in PE Design 7, save that file as a .pes file, open it in PED Basic and write it to the card? If so I can purchase PED Basic (with the USB dongle as mine is serial and I am having to use a converter) and use a couple extra steps to get the designs written to the card. Much cheaper than purchasing the PE Design software for a hobby.

  11. To use the PE Design program, you need either the dongle or read/write box (which mimics the dongle). So for writing your designs to a card, the PED Basic box should be fine. Your other alternative would be to use Embird for your editing software, along with Ultimate Box. These programs work very well together and may be a comparable price. You can find out more about both from the Embird section of our website.
    Secrets of Embroidery.

  12. I went through all of the above. Bought Parellels to use on my pc (hated it) then I found BRITON Leap, (EMBRILLIANCE essentials ) all this after upgrading from PeDesign v3 to v5. I paid more for the upgrade than it cost me to buy EMBRILLIANCE! It works on both systems Mac and PCs.
    In doing that I then got Ultimate Box (just the box). Used my PeDesign cards from v.3 & v5. Both worked. Ultimate box was from…
    Spoke to both Companies. Very good service! Now I use my Mac, my macPro and I still have my old pc! So I’ve spent a lot! I would never go back to PeDesign. Also, in order to use any upgrade you must have the old version on your computer or it won’t upgrade! So you need the original disk to do that. I sold my v3 but kept a copy of my disk in case I need it.
    Hope this explains about upgrading from one v to another.

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