Digitizing Software supporting ART Format?

I have a digitizing question. I have a Bernina Artista 200. I had purchased their embroidery software version 3 and of course now they do not support this anymore. I was thinking before I dish out another $2,000 approx. I would look to see if there is any other software out there that does ART formatting. Can anyone make a sugestion? I am in Canada so they would have to be able to ship to Canada.
Thanks everyone, this is my first time here.


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  1. Hi Barbara,

    Can you still use your Bernina Artista V3 software on your computer, and save designs with this software to use with your machine? If so, then you can use Embird to digitize with, at a fraction of the cost of new Artista software.

    You can open ART V3 designs within Embird, and use Embird Digitizing Studio to create new designs. The only thing Embird can’t do is convert to ART. You will need to save your designs in another format like PES, import them into your original Bernina Artista V3 software and save to ART. You can see a full list of the formats Embird supports at this link.

    Kind Regards
    The Team at Secrets

  2. I really think it is too much of a hassle to have to save it in Embird and then open it up in Art. Why not spend the money and make life a lot easier. The Bernina software is really so user friendly and has everything you need in it. Version 6 will be coming out soon.I know it is expensive but t is like getting the top of the range car.

  3. Hi Barbara:

    I have a Bernina 200 updated to 730. Every time Bernina came out with a new version of Artista I updated so I am now using Version 5. If you update with each new version it doesn’t cost much, usually under $500. There are lots of other nice embroidery software available but they won’t do everything Artista can do. You can still use your Version 3 as long as you want to. Bernina just won’t have it on their web site any longer. I guess they have to drop some of the older software when newer comes out. Version 6 of Artista is coming out this fall. I hope this helps.

  4. Hello,
    I have a Bernina Artista 170 QE and it’s embroidery unit. Ran into the same problem, did a bit of research and found a program called Explorations. It isn’t as expensive as some but seems to be working out well for me.
    Hope this helps


  5. I would hesitate to utilize a solution that requires you to convert your design twice (from Embird into PES and then into ART). Generally, when you convert files there is a possibility of losing something with each translation. I assume you have a Bernina machine — it will always be better to have your designs in the native format of the machine. (FYI, I used to use my Artista software to convert to HUS and sometimes the designs did not stitch out so well on my Viking. This is one reason why I purchased a Bernina machine — because I loved the software so much.)

  6. I have the Artista 180 and was struggling with the same problem. Because versions 1-3 didn’t have a usb dongle, I had trouble when I purchased a laptop. After doing a lot of research, I found that it was cheaper by far to upgrade to ver5 of the Bernina software, which does have a usb dongle. You don’t have to get the full ver at the expensive price if that is what you have been told. You can upgrade all the way from ver 1 to ver 5 which is what I did. You have to have ver 5 to go to ver 6 however. I was reluctant at first, because when I tried ver 3, I found it difficult to work with, but ver 5 is very easy to use, plus it supports multiple hooping which is what I wanted to do. You can pull in any design in pes format and when you resave it in the software you can convert it to Art. I have found that the only problem this causes is that the colors are not listed correctly. But since I do my own thing anyway as far as color is concerned I didn’t feel this is a problem. Hope this helps you out.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I´m working in a project with embroidery machines and I need information about the differents formats used in this machines. The information that I`m searching for is the details of the formats. Anybody knows where I can find something related ??
    Thank you in advance

  8. Hi,

    I have a Bernina 200 and Artista ver4. I recently allowed my dealer to upgrade my machine to the 730 software. I now find that some designs that I have purchased in ART format are not recognised by the sewing machine. In one case I found that unzipping the design set using WinXP instead of the Artista unzipper solved the problem but I’m not sure what is going on here. Anyone else had a similar problem?

    Kind regards

  9. I have a Bernina 440 QE with Editor Lite(came with machine). I want to update mostly to design applique embroidery. Do you know of another alternative than upgrading for $2000.


  10. Hello Tenette,

    Are you familiar with Embird? This is a very popular embroidery editing program you could use to digitize applique designs.

    You can download Embird and use the program free of charge in trial version for up to 30 days to test the features prior to purchasing registration.

    To download, or for more information, please go to our Embird page.

    However, while Embird can be used with any machine, at this stage the Embird program can’t convert to the ART formats. The Bernina Artista Software is the only one that can convert to the ART format. The Bernina company keeps the rights to the ART format to ensure you purchase their brand of software.

    So you would still need your existing Bernina software to convert any saved designs to your format.

    Any further queries just let me know. We are always more than happy to help.

    Kind regards,

    Margaret Hardwick-Smith

    Customer Support
    at Secrets of Embroidery

  11. I downloaded and played with Embird last night. Looks promising!
    Is there a secret to what design aspects don’t translate so well to .ART? I’ll be using a bernina to stitch out and know to expect some hiccups, but would love to know particular things to do to make the translation go as smoothly as possibile!
    What’s the scoop??

  12. HI Barbara I also have an artista 200 I never bought their software but I bought designer gallery software which is wonderful and has stand alone programs and it can convert to many formats. did you know that you can convert any design to exp and send it to your bernina and it will sew out perfectly altho you will have to have a seperate color chart. bernina 200 takes either art format or exp. go to designer gallery online and they have many free software trials . I have been using this software for 6 years and I’m never disappointed in it !!!!!!!

  13. Embird has solved problem of transferring designs to Bernina 200 & 730. Using Bernina blank machine card, just take your design into Embird do whatever modifications etc then import/ export to card, as Embird now has made this possible
    I have a Bernina 200E upgraded to 730E and this works well.

  14. Hi Iam in need of a new computer and I have Artista V4 software. Is there a way to have the V4 software work with windows 7? I was ver glad to see on another page of this blog that it is possible to get the Pfaff 3D to work on windows 7. Now if I can get my Bernina software to work on it I would be oohh sooo happy lol
    Thank you ever soo much for this wonderful blog. Its the best!!!!

  15. With regard to the Artista V4 software and loading it onto windows 7 : I managed to install my V4 program onto a laptop which runs Windows 7 professional version. I still have to test all the functions, but so far the basics are all working fine.

  16. Bernina always works to make folks believe that their product is definitely the best. Oh, sure, they have built some good machines, but they are over-rated and, mostly, expensive…. I have an undergrad and graduate degree in clothing and textiles and have always been a “hard-core sewer.” I have had a host of machines and sewn on various Berninas among the mix over the years.

    Here is my beef with Bernina. Bernina literature brags about this Bernina exclusive and that Bernina exclusive. When you know machines, you know that this feature and that feature ARE on the other top brand machines. If you buy a Bernina, you have to virtually “sell the farm” to buy anything to go with it. Now, there has been some “musical chairs” among who all is in the top circle of sewing machines, but it is much the same over a number of years and from what I hear, Bernina has had a lot of problems the last few years.

    I am an educator and I work on all the machines. If you have the money, go ahead pay way above the others. For me, I want value and performance and Bernina does not measure up and their software is the same. It is over-rated and not even close to being the top. I have worked on various softwares. I prefer Designer Gallery by a long shot. For one thing, I find that very few embroidery folks want “to go all the way” to digitizing. I do, but, as I mentioned, I am “hard-core.” Designer Gallery can be bought in modules, so you buy the pieces that you want as you decide you need them individually. That is a huge advantage to many folks. Lots of people get an embroidery machine only to suffer from major “sticker shock” and then find out that they really do need some software to access their embroidery properly. Taking baby steps and that point allows them to grow at their own pace.

    I am just saying, sure, if you have the money, spend it all on Bernina, but there are other brands. For me, I talked with a number of dealers where I have taught that carry multi-lines to ask which machine I should get when I found out that my machine line/brand had really slipped. All of them said Babylock. I have been thrilled with my decision.

  17. I just purchased a used Bernina Artista 200 with BSR pkg.There is no software for digitizing. If I choose to embroider beyond what’s on the machine, what should I choose and how do I go about it? I have windows Vista.

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