How Much does the MB4 Cost?

OK, I have called 3 dealers to get a price on the MB-4 and I keep getting the run around. It’s like I am at an old car dealership and they are trying to get me to pay the highest price they can. I just want to know average price so I can tell my husband how much my Christmas gift will be lol. Can someone tell me the average price is within $500 one way or the other?

Thanks bunches

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  1. I don’t think anyone will give you a price over the phone. I’m not sure why, but most sewing machine dealers won’t do it, I think maybe the manufacturers have a policy against it?

  2. I have an MB4 and I love it. I should have looked around a little more before buying it as the price varies a great deal from dealer to dealer. I paid $5995. for mine and then found it later for $4500. This seems to be the average price. You might be able to talk the dealer down some if you tried. They usually won’t give you any prices on the phone as they want to get you into their store where it is harder to resist the pressure to purchase. Good luck.

  3. I paid $5000 for my MB-4 last February. That included the Digitizer Pro MB software. I understand that they can be found for less than that now, especially if you do not need the software. I love my MB-4!!

  4. It is hard to come up with a price as there is a business in a box, the MB4 alone or MB4 with a trade in. I just know you will like your machine a lot. I love mine and ordered the magna-hoops for the MB4 from sewforless. The dealers pretty much stick together as they are trying to run a profitable business. Give someone your business and your loyalty. It will be worth it in the end. I love my North Dakota dealer and know I get the best price possible from him.

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