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I have a Janome 11000 memory craft and an MB4 janome.  I have a question about bobbin thread on these machines.  One of the people that sew indicated you were supposed to use bobbin thread to make your bobbin.  I have always used the thread I sew with in white or black.  Also do the prewind threads work on either of these machines?  Thanks

When you are just sewing you will use the same thread as you would on top in the bobbin.  If you are embroidering, you will want to use a bobbin thread.  Janome makes a Bobbin thread that will work with your machines.  The machines are calibrated for it and you will not need to adjust any tensions normally.  You can also try different types of bobbin threads from different companies.  I personally just wind mine using the Janome thread and Maderia burmillion 160 bobbin thread.  Though remember each machine may not like the Madiera thread.  Also yes prewounds will work on the machines.

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  1. I came to discover that Janome machines are VERY particular about the bobbins. I had purchased extra bobbins online which looked the same, but were ever so slightly skinnier. Using ONLY Janome made bobbins did solve several, but not all of the problems I had with my 10001 machine.. On my particular machine, I also found the Janome was not fond of the newer, thinner bobbin thread! My main problems with different bobbins and threads were thread breakage and consistent nesting, both under the plate, and on the back of the fabric. Any adjustments that were made (by the tech) seldom lasted more than a day or 2. If those sound familiar to you, you might give the Janome bobbin thread a try. The frustration level savings alone is worth the added cost of the Janome bobbin thread! Good Luck!

  2. I have an Janome MC1100 and I used Janome prewound bobbins. I have no problems with these. They have more thread on them than the ones I wind mmyself.

  3. The Janome 11000 and 10001 use a slightly different bobbin from most other machines (they are slightly higher). Either wind your own bobbins using Janome bobbins and bobbin thread, or you can buy prewound Janome bobbins. You can also purchase other prewound bobbins but they must be the “A” bobbin, which will fit the Janome. I know some people use “Nebs” prewound bobbins and put a penny under the bobbin in the bobbin case but I personally would not recommend doing that.

  4. I always use Janome bobbin thread (I wind them myself) as I find that any other bobbin thread seems to mess up the tension. However, I am running low on bobbin thread and cannot find anywhere to buy it. Any suggestion?

  5. Please DO NOT use any other prewound bobbin other than a Janome in the 11000. I did and caused endless problems for which I was not covered under warranty.
    Either buy Janome prewounds or wind them yourself. Bit more time consuming and not as much thread on the bobbin, but safer. Cheers

  6. I have used normal overlock thread and find that okay i have done that with the8000, 9000 and 11000. I have adjusted the winder so that it fills the bobbin more.

  7. I am trying to do bobbin sewing, so embroidery thread in the bobbin , wrong side of the fabric up, normal sewing thread (cotton) on top.(nr 40)
    I changed the tension of the bobbin case say “20 minutes to the left” . top thread looks ok, but embr. thread is not perfect, I can see top thread coming through like little dots.
    Anyone having experience with this? I would really like to solve this problem, as this had not been a problem with my Bernina 1230 . Easy to adjust tension and feet! But I loved the extra space,
    So far the extra space is the only advantage.
    I don’t want to give up on this problem, as i have parted with my Bernina

  8. Have just learned that bobbin thread exists for embroidering !! I have a Janome 300. I think it has made a difference. Cut down on lint.

  9. I have a Janome 500e embroidery machine which according to the manual if I am not using Janome bobbin thread I have to change the bobbin casing to a high tension bobbin casing (supplied with machine). This is the second machine as the first was a bad machine. When I use the proper bobbin case I have bobbin thread showing up all over the top, do I need to have the machine calibrated for this bobbin casing?

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