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I’ve read several tutorials by Hope Yoder and she talks about using English cotton netting.  I have asked our local sewing store for English cotton netting but they do not know the material. What is English cotton netting and where can it be purchased? Thanks – Connie

Dear Connie,

Below are the answers to your questions regarding English Cotton Netting.

English Cotton Netting ~ is imported from England and is 40-42″ wide, there are also different Lose Weight Exercises of material (we are spoilt I know!). This fabric is used to create the lovely heirloom effects in my embroidery design collections and patterns. Create your own lace motifs using this wonderful fabric. Please note this fabric must be pre-shrunk as it shrinks at 6″ in width.

Pre-Shrinking English Cotton Netting ~ Dip in hot water, wring out excess water and dunk in straight liquid starch (found in the grocery store next to spray starch). Fill a bowl with just enough starch to cover fabric. Swish around and wring out excess starch. Place netting on an open bath towel and roll up and squeeze out excess moisture. Let air dry until 80% of the moisture is gone and iron dry. Netting is perfectly stabilized and ready to use with Hope’s Heirloom Embellishment embroidery designs.

Thank you,

Hope Yoder
Designs by Hope Yoder Inc.

(You can purchase English cotton netting directly from Hope Yoder. It is sold pre-cut in 1/2 yard increments for $14.95. Please email us via this Ask the Experts link if you are interested and we will pass your message onto Hope.)

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  1. Hi everyone, I have just been reading about “English cotton netting”. I live in England, here we call it cotton lawn. Our way of stabilizing it is after pre-shrinking, dissolve some aquafilm in warm water, then paint it all over the lawn and dry with hairdryer or on the washing line. Iron out any creases and hey presto its ready to use! Be sure to use a plastic cover on your worktable though! – Regards, Maggie Morgan

  2. The fine cotton netting sold by Hope Yoder is definately a net and not the fabric known as cotton lawn. I am trying to find a supplier in England as I don’t see the point of shipping something back to the uk that has already been shipped from here in the first place.

  3. I appreciate that this is an old topic, but I am in the UK and after lots of researching I managed to find a manufacturer/supplier of excellent quality English Netting. Difficulties arise because there are many different terms, Bobbin Net, Bobbinette, Cotton Tulle etc.

  4. I also have been serching a UK manufacturer of English Cotton netting. Major supplier is Swiss Tulle at Chard, Somerset. However, I’m looking for a cotton netting which has a wide hexagonal mesh (wider than the sample I’ve been sent). I want to use this to sew lace motiffs onto to create my daughter’s wedding dress. Any ideas anyone?

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