Stabilizer for Baby Clothing

Hi, I would like to ask – What kind of stabilizer is used on newborn clothing so that the stitiching is not scratchy to the skin? Thank you – Robin Lapin

Dear Robin,

I like to use Terradon’s “Lite & Sheer Mesh Fusible” stabilizer for any baby articles I embroider when the back of the embroidery will be next to their skin. I use this stabilizer as the main stabilizer, using two layers if the design in stitch intensive. After the embroidery is complete and the excess stabilizer has been trimmed away, I iron fusible webbing to regular sewing interfacing (lightweight, non-woven); cut it slightly larger than the design and fuse the interfacing to the back of the embroidery. This step effectively prevents even the potentially itchy bobbin threads from bothering a baby’s delicate skin.It is important to remember to pre-shrink all fabrics, including interfacing, when used in a project that will be washed.

Hope this helps! 🙂

A Bit of Stitch

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  1. Thank you for your reply Evy. Just wondering if I embroider on Onesies, won’t the ironed on fusible webbing and interfacing eventually come off after several washings? – Robin

  2. Yes, sometimes the fused on interfacing wants to peel off. I’ve found that using a craft weight (heavier) type of fusible webbing helps correct that problem. It’s easy to stick it back on if it does peel up though, just iron it again! A small price to pay for protecting a little sweetie 🙂

    When the design allows it, I like to hand stitch the interfacing directly to the garment from the back, keeping the stitching right at the very edges of the design and hidden along the edge when viewed from the front. You only have to worry about the fused on interfacing, as the fusible webbing (cut-away stabilizer) will be permanently attached to the garment with the embroidery.


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