Stabilizer for Baby Clothing

Hi, I would like to ask – What kind of stabilizer is used on newborn clothing so that the stitiching is not scratchy to the skin? Thank you – Robin Lapin

Dear Robin,

I like to use Terradon’s “Lite & Sheer Mesh Fusible” stabilizer for any baby articles I embroider when the back of the embroidery will be next to their skin. I use this stabilizer as the main stabilizer, using two layers if the design in stitch intensive. After the embroidery is complete and the excess stabilizer has been trimmed away, I iron fusible webbing to regular sewing interfacing (lightweight, non-woven); cut it slightly larger than the design and fuse the interfacing to the back of the embroidery. This step effectively prevents even the potentially itchy bobbin threads from bothering a baby’s delicate skin.It is important to remember to pre-shrink all fabrics, including interfacing, when used in a project that will be washed.

Hope this helps! :-)

A Bit of Stitch

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