Embroidering a Stocking Cap

How do you hoop a stocking cap? I have seen other home embroidery moms that do it, I just dont know how. Can you help me please?

Rebecca Kemp Brent (co-author of “Machine Embroidery Wild & Wacky”) has answered your question regarding hooping a stocking cap. She is an embroidery specialist, and I knew she would have the correct answer for you as I have not embroidered a stocking cap myself.

Here’s her advice:

Hoop an adhesive (sticky) stabilizer, stretch the cap very slightly and apply to the stabilizer. If the cap is a smooth knit, a lightweight cut-away will work, if it is a heavy, chunky rib knit, definitely use a heavier Lose Weight Exercise stabilizer. Use a topper, preferably a permanent one like vinyl. If embroidering on a chunky, rib knit, you might consider using an appliqué design as that will cover best. If you are embroidering on the turned up cuff, remember to stitch the design on the inside with the top of the design toward the bottom of the cap so that it will be right side up and on the outside when worn.

I’ll add that you can make any stabilizer sticky with temporary spray adhesive. My personal favorite is 505 Spray and Fix. (Read more about this product at www.sprayandfix.com) You may also want to consider using silk organza as a permanent topper, cutting away the excess close to the stitching, when using a regular non-appliqué embroidery design. It’s lightweight and flexible and will not add extra stiffness to your cap. It is helpful to baste the cap to the stabilizer before embroidery. You may have a basting option on your machine, or you can simply baste it by hand. Keep your stitching beyond the perimeter of the design.

Good luck! I hope this helps!

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