Over the Moon Shelf Elves


Please let the designer “ A Bit of Stitch” know that her shelf elves pattern is over the moon awesome!!!!  I made about a dozen sets (couples, lol) for Christmas gifts and everyone went bonkers over them!  I used tiny bells, heat set crystals, teeny tiny pom poms and such and they were gorgeous!  I used the heat set rhinestones for the clothes, collars and for earrings on the girls!  Awesome!!  I already purchased the new doll pattern with clothes, monthly one, and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!  I’m so glad that there’s a “year round” doll because I wasn’t going to put the Christmas shelf elves away.  They’re just too cutely wonderful to put in a box until next year and every time I see them I just smile….. lol

Thank you!!!!!!!


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