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I have just been reading the complaints in the blog about issues with the Husqvarna Viking software.

Back in the 70’s we programmed computers using paper cards and a paperclip. Computers took up whole floors and the WEB was a university intranet communication system.  Gosh it was good when we got keyboards and everyone thought that DOS was a fabulous advance.

In the early 80’s we all stood around and watched two rectangular “bats” bounce a ball between them.  The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was on TV and computer text & graphics were considered so advanced.   In the late 80’s-early 90’s we had the first DOS version of home embroidery software and someone called Bill Gates talked about his new platform called Windows and IBM for the masses.  But very few thought it would take on.  Mac’s were THE computer in those days.

I can vividly remember in 1991 trying to convince my supervisor that we should get a new computer with more than 4Mg of memory.  It seems ridiculous now when memory is discussed in terabytes. (Money men talk about Trillions with great calm)

Digitizing in DOS was not easy but we managed to make some good designs. Probably better than some of the “Instant” designs you can make now.  Windows 3.5 saw the introduction of the Husqvarna Viking 5 software, and the dreaded Dongel was with us to stay.

In an ideal world we would not need dongles but once computers came with CD burners a Pandora’s box was created. Dongels were designed to keep the cost of the software down.  Imagine the price if they had to factor in the cost of illegal copies. Remember also we are not talking about a mass market here.  Very few people even realize that home embroidery software exists.

I am surprised when I see people critizing VSP for releasing new software.  Upgrading is not compulsory.  The upgrades are quite well priced compared to upgrades of my other graphics software that are usually around 50% of the original price.  We now live in a consumer world where everything has a “Use by Date”. I know of lots of people who are still using the VIP or 3D software.  Just disconnect your computer from the web, run Windows 95/96/ME/2000/XP/Vista and you will have no problems ever again.

Unless you want a new machine that uses a different interface.  But I am sorry to say……welcome to the real world. You want the new goodies you are going to have to pay for them.

I will agree that the Smart Card system was devious and I do feel sorry for those who thought they were saving money by going with those machines. I warned people that they would be locked in if they bought one.  USB connectivity is the best way to interact with an embroidery machine.   I recommend that anyone considering an embroidery machine purchase regard this as an essential. This was always Brothers BIG advantage.

Every software box has the Minimum Specifications on it.  4D is for XP or Vista on a 1GHz processor and 2GB of drive space.  5D is for XP/Vista or Windows 7, same processor and drive space but an additional 2GB of RAM.  At least now just about every computer has an independent graphics card.  If your computer is not set up correctly or is not adequate then you will have problems.  The numerous times that I have had people complain that their software is corrupt it has been their computer that is behind the problem.   Downloading Free Anti Virus software and other “Free” software is often the cause of many problems.

5D is fantastic.  The digitizing power is awesome and so many of the features we asked for are in it.  I can find $1000 for my quarter electricity bill and a rate installment so paying for an upgrade is much more fun.  I would rather have this than the old “bat and ball“ in the 80’s .  We now live in a world where Avatar set a new standard for screen graphics and most households have at least three computers in addition to four TV’s and let’s not start counting mobile phones.

Carolyn Duncan

6 thoughts on “Embroidery Software Advances”

  1. A-MEN!!! This software is AWESOME…I cant stay off it…just continualy get pulled in by the user friendlynes of it….have had 3d and 4d love the changes. This can be a bit overwelming at first but
    it realy grows on ya!

    It is worth EVERY PENNY!!!!

  2. I need help! I have a Pfaff 7570 with PC Design and VIP software. My computer is no longer seeing my dongle so I can’t use any of my software or access any of the desings I have acquired over the years. Is there such a thing as “replacement” dongle? Is there any way around this problem? What do I do? I have Windows XP and the last time I used my Embroidery system was about a year ago and everything was OK at that time. Can anybody out there help me?


  3. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Designer 1 and VIP Customizing 6.2 All has been fine until now. I have XP. I can not open Disk Manager…so unable to use all my great design bought and created. Have spent days dorking on this. Called Viking Software- they no longer support VIP. I have tried adding upgrades etc- nothing is working.

  4. I have 4D extra software on windows 7 and it has been working fine. I was very happy with this arrangement, happy enough to be glad that I spent so darn much money on this setup.

    Well, my entire family uses this wonderful computer and my family including myself HATE that dongle! so we remove it when possible. It got lost, so now my total investment in software is wasted. My dealer might be able to get a dongle for $150.? After what I have already spent. Don’t think so. I have already wasted my money on software that you so arrogantly protect. I paid for use of the software and am now being denied if I don’t spent more?
    My family hated the arrangement anyway.

    I am finding a new world of creativity with Embird.
    My family is happy, the software has more features and I am learning a lot. Actually it’s way out there ahead of 4D. And I don’t think they will stop supporting me like 3D did.

    Viking, shame on you for not supporting the extra money people spend before they know what’s going on.

    I love my D1 but your software needs to grow up and give some lasting value for the price.

    People, if you are buying Viking don’t even waste your $ on their software. There is better out there.

  5. Why do so many bloggers say that Viking does not support their software. If so many people got shut out of 3D……..they WILL do the same thing to you on 4D. Just put up with that ugly dongle, it’s how they keep making money. If you lose your dongle, send them $150!! It keeps you tied to inferior and expensive Viking software.

    After what I have spent, they should send me a FREE dongle and thank me for my business. I bought some VERY expensive toys.

    People, we need to sew wiser and it can be cheaper too.

  6. I too have a Designer 1/floppy/dongle dissapointment. I love my D1, and I did embroider a bit when new but put it away. Recently decided to embroider to find out the whole ‘world’ had changed. Nothing is compatable! And yes, I have dongle dread! My friend with an older Bernina was able to get a ‘patch’ FOR FREE from Bernina to support her present computer/old software. Why can’t Viking do that. If Embird will get rid of Dongle, let me make floppies that my machine will read I will buy it! Thanks for letting me vent.

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