5D Embroidery Professional vs. Masterworks II

I am ready to take the plunge into digitizing and I’m wondering if someone can help me decide between Husqvarna Viking 5D Professional or Designer’s Gallery Masterworks II by Babylock. I just sold my 4D Embroidery Extra. I was very happy with it except that it only has limited digitizing. I actually own Masterworks II (it came free with my Babylock BMP9), but I’m hesitant about opening it as I can still sell it. I would love to draw my own artwork and digitize it.

Any info. would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi Jordan!

    Both digitizing programs you mention are very good and have great companies to back them up. Depending up who you talk to, one person will say go with Viking and another will say go with MasterWorks II. Personally I prefer MasterWorks II because it’s what I know. lol What I would recommend is going to stores that carry either brand and ask for a demonstration on both programs. Ask about classes while you’re there. See what kinds of tutorials you’ll be able to get your hands on. Then go for the program that looks like it will be the easiest for you to pick up and run with AND you’ll be able to get dealer support with. We’re all different and learn differently but it’s great to have someone you can ask. But both of those programs mentioned will definitely digitize for you. I know that there are on-line classes from Baby Lock that you can take for MasterWorks and they’ve put out a great set of CD tutorials for that program as well. All the designs on my site were done with MasterWorks II.

    Hope that helps! =)

    Bonnie Welsh
    Sew Inspired by Bonnie

  2. Hello Jordan,

    I have both, I haven’t had time to get into Masterworks II yet, but I teach 5D at my local dealer. I upgraded from 4D, and I LOVE 5D!!! Yikes, what a great program. It comes with a vector drawing module. I agree you have to look at your dealer support. We have an embroidery club 2xs a month for our 5D customers, it is free. 5D has a bunch of free tutorials online also. They have really inproved the software. There is freestanding lace and cutwork capabilities. I know Masterworks is a great program too, but all those tutorials and lessons aren’t free. It would depend on your dealer support. If you know 4D pretty well, you will love 5D, and it would be easy to learn. It is more user friendly, with fantastic new features. Hope this helps a little!

  3. I too am having a dilemma between MasterworksII and Palette 9……….. I have Palette 7 and can upgrade to 9 for less money. I have been using the 30 day trial and I hate having to learn a new program when my old one has a lot of the same features plus new whistles and bells. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated ASAP.

  4. I am doing the 30 day trial on Masterworks II if I wasn’t clear. Would both programs be as easy to scan and make new designs. That is my problem now as I create my own design and then scan it where now on Palette 7 doesn’t do it so easily and I spend many hours cleaning up all the extra lines……….. Help…………………

  5. Hi Rosalie!

    Palette 9 has some nice new features added and there are some major changes from ver. 7. It sounds like you’re using Design Center to digitize from your scans. You’re right in that you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning up the image (in Design Center). You might want to try digitizing from the Layout and Editing screen instead. Learn your manual punch tools. You can bring in your scanned image as a backdrop and then basically trace over it with your manual punch tools. It takes practice but the results are well worth it. Plus you’ll get faster as you practice.

    MasterWorks II has vector drawing tools where you can trace over the scanned image and then assign a stitch type to it. From teaching both programs, I found students that had never used either program seemed to pick up MWII more easily than Palette. However, you’ve been using Palette so you might be more comfortable just improving upon what you already know. Both programs are very good and I’ve seen great results from either one. It’s a matter of learning the program and practice, practice, practice.

    Hope that helps, =)

    Bonnie Welsh
    Sew Inspired by Bonnie

  6. Hi Bonnie: Thank you so very much for your comments. I was more comfortable with Palette and am having a rough time with masterworks. I talked to two babylock stores and one loves Palette and the other loves Masterworks. The store by me said they could set me up with Masterworks but they would want all my Palette material to be returned to them. I of course told them no way. That was nonsense. I paid thousands for that stuff….plus I would still have to pay for Masterworks II.

  7. Hi Rosalie,

    You’re most welcome! Yes there’s an upgrade program for MasterWorks II where you can buy the program for less by turning in all of your other digitizing program. But I certainly understand why you wouldn’t want to let go of Palette. Since you’ve found a dealer that loves Palette, see if they can help you with classes. Also, there are several great tutorials here on the Secrets site too for you to check into where you can learn in the comfort of your own home. You can find them under the Tutorials Tab, Brother/Babylock. And if you get stuck, there’s the Secrets blog as well as you’ve found out. =)

    Take care,

    Bonnie Welsh
    Sew Inspired by Bonnie

  8. Hi Bonny:
    I got the Palette 9 and am working on learning it on my own. The Dealer here only works with Masterworks. I used it for the 30day trial and since I had had Palette so long, it made more sense to stay with it. Also it seemed much faster with say using stitch simulator and changing to realitic view. Just my opinion………..
    What I really wanted to know is why do they not have help on the tool bar. Also can I sell my old Palette 5 and 7 since I am not using them anymore???? The person will have to have a card reader I know but I have the original serial numbers or will they be void because I had used them?????

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Hi Rosalie:

    The help is still available but they’ve moved it. Why? I can only guess as I wasn’t involved in the development process but I imagine it had to do with cleaning up the main screen. Looks like they wanted to make things less cluttered. So we’re left with trying to find things as we get used to the new appearance. Don’t worry–you’ll find things in no time. The help’s shortcut is still “F1” and if you forget, they’ve left us a reminder on the bottom left of your screen. Whew! =)

    While you “could” sell your older versions of Palette 5 and 7, it wouldn’t do the new user any good whatsoever and may leave you without a program to load to a new computer in the future. You see, that reader/writer box that you’ve got is what runs the programs. Without that box, ver. 5 and/or 7 won’t run. When Baby Lock went from ver. 4 to ver. 5, they changed the box so even if they had an earlier version program and box it would not be compatible. And buying just the box is not an option either as it’s not available. Not only that, you need a full version Palette not just your Palette 9 upgrade (I’m assuming you have the upgrade and not a full ver. 9 or you’d have a 2nd box)if you ever want to load Palette onto another computer or if your computer crashes. So in a nutshell–I wouldn’t advise selling your ver. 5 or 7 software.

    I hope this all makes sense as I know it can be confusing. I hope you enjoy all the new features in Palette 9! =)

    Bonnie Welsh
    Sew Inspired by Bonnie

  10. Hi Bonny:
    I am putting a design together and am having a hard time taking away the stitches where they overlap. Can you simplify this for me????

    Thanks so much.

  11. Rosalie,
    Are you using Palette 9 for this? If another program–which program? What programs do you have at your disposal to use? It sounds as though this is a design you didn’t create yourself rather are combining some existing designs? Are they simply overlapping or is one design completely inside another design? We need a little more information before we can best help. =)

    Bonnie Welsh
    Sew Inspired by Bonnie

  12. Hi Bonny. Have practically pulled my hair out trying to make the letters B, R, A etc that have centers in them that I want the fabric to show through. How do I do that???? I can do it in Design Center but cannot get scanner background of the words in there. This is a made up font and I am trying to trace it. Is there a do not stitch tool in edit and layout so it will have the fabric show through on the B,R,A???? Do not know what to look up to see how this is done.

  13. I am using Palette 9, by the way. Am not too much on reading which probably is the crux of all my problems.

  14. Hi Rosalie,

    Good to hear from you again. I’m assuming that you created your letters with the line and region tools instead of manual punch? If so, you created a solid area with no holes for B, R, or A. For future reference, you might want to start playing with the manual punch tool as it truly is your friend once you learn to use it. =)

    However, at this point you need to “Remove Overlap”. I know you don’t have an overlap (yet) but once you create it, you can remove it and cause a hole and then you can delete the center portion too–leaving a hole completely through.

    Change your preview to Stitch View so you can see your scan beneath. Using the Line Tool/Closed path (and a different color than the base of the letter for ease in viewing) follow the center portion of the B, R, or A you want to remove. You should now have two layers, a center portion and the base of your letter. Once you’ve got center portions filled, using the CTRL key select each segment of your letter starting with the center portions. Go to Edit>Remove Overlap to remove the centers from the bottom layer. Now select the centers and delete. Page 46 of the manual discusses Removing Overlapped areas too.

    If you had used the Manual Punch Tool while inputting the letter in L&E, you could have created the hole as you did your input. As with any program, there’s usually more than one way to get to the end result you want. Hope this helps! =)

    Bonnie Welsh
    Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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