Husqvarna Viking 5D Software Upgrade

Husqvarna Viking have just released the 5D Version of their software. When the 4D version was released the fourth dimension represented yourself, the user. Now with 5D the new dimension is Imagination.  It is not available in
Australia yet, but from the little I have seen I cannot wait to get my hands on it and I have pre-ordered my upgrade from my dealer already.

This version is available as an upgrade and does not have a new dongle.  The 4D dongle will operate the 5D software so there will be no dongle issues this time. (Also no second hand sales of 4D software!)  Very clever marketing.  This means that if you upgrade you will be able to run both 4D and 5D side by side.  With the advantages that 5D will bring it won’t be long till you find that you are seldom using 4D but for the changeover period you will have the comfort of being able to use 4D if you wish. 

The really big changes are in Embroidery Extra and the Digitizing Modules and the ability to use vector graphics is HUGE. 5D Design Creator has a Draw as well as a Paint tab.   Imagine being able to bring in an image with beautifully smooth edges.  You will be able to alter any section of the image and reshape it at will. Thick and uneven black outlines can be altered to even them out.  Many of the steps that 4D needed you to do in the editing
of the .can file will now be done to the initial image.  I often needed to edit my images in external CAD software (because I could) but now it will be able to be done  in 5D itself. 

The Multi Gradient fill in 5D Design Creator is an absolute WOW and will make embroideries so much more interesting and more like traditional hand styles.  Check it out at  In addition the
Freestanding Cross Hatch and Richelieu Bars tools will make lace and cutwork designs so much easier. 

5D Monogram Wizard is now included in  5D Embroidery Extra as well as Background and Splitting Wizards as well as my favorite Express Design Wizard. Encore has changed!  Imagine being able to work on a variety of designs not just a single design. Lots of new shapes provided in Encore as well.  When you select a font name now you see the text in 3D so no need for little cameras. There are new grouping tools so you can align components in different ways.  The machine stitches are now Motifs with their own tab and look like they will be much easier to work with. 

It looks to me like many of the features that I loved  in the old Autodigitizing have been included in the 5D.  If you are in the USA I would be rushing to your dealer to have a look at the new features.    I will be really excited to get mine.  If you are still using an older version or have wondered about software then this is the perfect time to make the decision to buy.  Perhaps the GEC has made VSP think about value for money.  This version really represents a big step forward.  Looks like they have delivered big time on this version. AT LAST Yeahhhhhhhhhhh..

Carolyn Duncan

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  1. I just loaded 5D embroidery extra onto my laptop. My Topaz 20 USB embroidery stick worked perfectly until now. Now when I put it in the machine or in the laptop, it is not recognized. Any thoughts? Could this have to do with the newly loaded 5D embroidery? Help. I have jobs waiting. 🙂

  2. I am still exploring the new features on 5D and watching the lesson videos. Wow, this is way cool. The snap feature of the frames is great! I have the new cutwork assessory but haven’t use it as yet. Very soon! I’m also happy with the new hoop as so much was often wasted on a longer rectangular hoop.

  3. I currently have the basic 3D and have been told that it will be inoperable within months unless I have installed on a computer that will not be updated or receive internet updates. ( I am using WinXP–and was told not just the operating system upgrades, but the frequent “auto updates” that come a number of times a month from Microsoft) My choice now is purchase a new computer so that I can function in the rest of my life and leave this one to run my embroidery software, or upgrade my software. I have decided to upgrade the software because I feel somewhat limited by the few features of 3D. However, I have read all the blogs and HV is not coming out very favorably. I have look at the new 5D Professional as well as the Bernina V6 Designer Plus. They seem to be very similar with Bernina being a little less expensive. I am very computer savy and I do a lot of photography and have Photoshop CS4, so am not sure that the Coral software would be a big attribute unless it makes it easier to work within the emboroidery software vs just importing art that I wanted.
    I would appreciate any guidance.

  4. How about this? I just got my upgrade and it won’t even open either on windows xp nor on windows vista. Even though I have activated the dongle, when I go to open the program, it won’t…says dongle is NOT activated. Was 4D supposed to come off first? Is there some windows “trick” that is not apparent in the download instructions? Now, I can’t sew on my diamond at all. Great. Anyone?

  5. I have a Designer I and 3D Professional Embroidery 5.5. Just purchased a new computer Windows 7 and ‘no dongle.’

    Reloaded Prof 5.5 on older computer (Windows98)..same problem. Could it be the dongle?

    Also, I understand there’s a file download to help with this problem. Where can I find it?

  6. I just bought the 4D embroidery extra and it looks like
    it would be a gfreat idea to buy the 5D upgrade it looks like it has alot of extras that would he any Ideas
    or help has any done this

  7. I have a new Laptop with Windows 7 and a Brother PR-600 II, and Husqvarna/Viking 5D Embroidery software. I cannot save Embroidery Designs on the Brother machine.

  8. Hi, I had 3D which had a free 4D upgrade.
    With 4d installed I am wondering how much for the 5d upgrade.
    I am getting a new computer with Windows 7. I am thinking that the 5D is probably better.

  9. I have the basic 3D and am thinking about 5D Extra. I know I can’t get it as an upgrade but am wondering what the MSRP is and I was told that I might be able to so some basic digitizing like quilting designs. Is that true??

  10. My mom recently upgraded to the 5D but she is having trouble with her dongle, is anyone else having issues with this?
    thank you

  11. I just purchased the 4d to 5d upgrade. Before I start the upgrade why does it say”additional purchase necessary” on the front of the cd case? My dealer doesn’t know. I have the 4d already and I have the certificate for the upgrade. Do you have any idea why it says that. I didn’t think I’d have to purchase anything else. And where do I get a user guide.

  12. What is the differents between the 5D embroidery Extra snd the 5D professional? Looks like a lot more programs. But I am just interested in digitizing.

  13. Hi Judy,

    The difference between 5D Embroidery Extra & 5D Pro is that Embroidery Extra has some basic digitizing features (Quick Trace, Quick Border, and Express Design Wizard) along with the ability to edit existing embroideries. If you just want to quick digitize a simple bitmap drawing, or cut out parts of embroideries to use in other designs, then Embroidery Extra is for you. 5D Pro contains several other modules that give you much more freedom in the design creation process. There is also a free upgrade to 5D Pro that added a ton of functionality like the ability to create cutwork using the Inspira cutwork needles. With 5D Pro, you get Stitch Editor, Stitch Aligner, Design Creator, Cross Stitcher, Portrait Stitch, Sketch & Family Tree. Both Embroidery Extra & 5D Pro come with Organizer, Configure, Font digitizing (including being able to make an applique font – way cool) and Vision.

  14. Just reread my answer & thought to clarify, Judy. You can digitize with both Embroidery Extra & Pro. Embroidery Extra is a little limiting because you cannot use all types of images, and jpeg images often don’t digitize well at all with the Express Design Wizard. With Pro, you can digitize vector as well as raster images (again jpegs don’t work well). You also have the ability to draw images either directly in the Draw or Paint windows or to load an existing drawing into the background (think like tracing paper) to trace over it. I’ve used this feature often to create some lovely designs. With all the extra modules included, it makes 5D Pro the better value. Hope this helps!

  15. Is There a comparison chart for 4D to 5D features. I love 4D. All the tutorials I have seen show me that I can do the same in 4D as 5d so why upgrade?

  16. Hi, I had 3D until last year running on Vista and it needed me to upgrade the dongle driver which can be found on the Husqvarna site. I now have 5D and it is wonderful, but in the Uk there aren’t any classes execpt in Nottingham which is a full day’s driving and it is expensive for just learning the basics.

  17. I have 5D Embroidery and a Janome 11000 embroidery machine with a MA hoop. My problem is that I can create a design for this hoop in 5D but when I put it on a USB stick & insert it in the sewing machine, I cannot bring the design up on the machine’s screen. Can anyone help me please?

  18. Hi Susan,
    The Janome 11000 uses the Jef+ format for designs and possibly needs to have a hoop assigned to the design like the Brother machines.. 5D cannot save designs in this format nor associate a hoop to the designs. This is one of the situations where you need to use specific software to convert the Jef design into the Jef + format and possibly link a hoop. When I sell a collection made in 5D Embroidery I use Embird to format designs for other embroidery machines. If you have transfer software for the machine it may do this for you. So you would have to use this as an intermediate step.

    Carolyn Duncan
    Author of Husqvarna and Pfaff Tutorials

  19. I just purchased the 5D Embroidery Extra upgrade to my 4D Embroidery Extra. When I’m in 5D Organizer and try to open an embroidery, it opens in 4D. How can I get the files to open in 5D Embroidery Extra? I read one of your suggestions about changing the folder options and although I’m very computer literate, I couldn’t figure out how to change the folder options to open 5D. I have Windows 7. I’d appreciate any help you can give me on this issue and I’m sure others would as well. Also, I looked for a way to start a new thread, but couldn’t figure that out either, so I hope you look at new comments. Thank you, Betty

  20. I purchased the 5d professional software several months ago and shortly after I received it, before I had a chance to fully install and activate the dongle, it was necessary for me to be away for several weeks. While I was away, the packaging was mistakenly gathered up and thrown away. With the dongle still in the cardboard packaging. Now Husqvarna Viking is telling me that there is nothing they can do to replace the dongle, basically making my program inoperable. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me? I’m heartsick.

  21. When I try to save a .can file in 4D Design Creator using save as, I am getting an error message of “4D Design Creator Exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”.
    Now the file is actually saved but I am unable to open it because I get another error message of Unrecognised file extension
    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled this program and also Windows 7.
    I have upgraded the drivers.
    Can anyone help me please or offer any advise?

  22. Did you ever get an answer to this problem? I’m having the same one and it’s really getting frustrating.

  23. Hi Carolyn I have come across a problem, and since I really know nothing about it yet, I thought you might know. I bought a few Husqvarna items from someone (reputable person), manufacturer sealed, then sold one with the dongle (but scratched out the UPC code to protect everyone) on Ebay. Problem is, buyer says the contents were in French (outside of box English) and a warning comes up when she tries to use the dongle it says “Not for resale”? Isn’t the dongle a memory stick with embroidery patterns on it? She says the program (CD) will not work without the dongle. It’s a Husqvarna Viking 5D Professional. I spoke with Husqvarna and was told that if the box is in English, so should be the contents, and they are including several languages in their newer versions. I have another one here at home. I was also told she may need to contact Husqvarna software support to figure it out. Something to do with a new driver or patch. Nice people at Husqvarna. It was so nice talking with Diana. That in itself makes me want to buy one of the machines because I know they stand behind their products and they’re never rude! Anyway, the buyer is telling me that I sold her a bootleg or dealer version. I would like to know if the CD will not work without the dongle and would it only be in French if the outer box is in English? Also can she copy the CD? Something smells fishy in Denmark!

  24. 4d to 5d
    My dongle is not communicating with the program. When selected it comes up H031 that the dongle is not activated.
    I go back and activated an still is not working?

  25. I recently purchase the 4D to 5D upgrade and received the Activation Code. What is the ” Upgrade Kit”?


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