PE Design ver 6 with Windows 7

Please help me. I purchased a new computer that has windows 7 and I can’t use my PE Design. Windows 7 doesn’t recognize the card writer. I have been to the Brother website with no answers. I know PE Design is a 32 bit and Windows 7 is a 64 bit. I understand if I could run virtual windows I could use it. But tutorial I found stated the windows home premium wouldn’t allow virtual windows you had to have windows 7 proff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi there
    I tried to install my PE Design on my Mac using my virtual machine to see if it would work for me. Sadly my Windows 7 on the Mac kept freezing everytime I tried the installation. I have had to abandon the installation sorry, so at this time I cannot help you. I have no idea what advice to offer you now. Hopefully someone else can help

  2. I had a similar problem, so I called my local computer guy, who installed Windows XP on my computer. I still have Windows 7, but I just switch to Windows XP (by simply clicking on the icon on my desktop) to run my embroidery software and any others that aren’t updated to be compatable with Windows 7. It turned out to be a pretty simple fix and didn’t cost a lot of money, either.

  3. I had the same problem. I went to the Brother website and asked them what to do by e-mail. They responded and gave me complete instructions to install it on Windows XP. Good luck!

  4. I thought I would go crazy with frustration after purchasing a new Dell computer and trying to use my PE Design program. I finally called Dell and ex-plained my problem. Wonder of Wonder they were able to install after 3 1/2 hrs. They simply would not give up as I had. They told me windows 7 is a rela-tively sophisticated program and the drivers were the problem. Maybe your computer company can help.
    The drivers are the problem. Good luck.

  5. I, too, got a new computer with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. According to my retailer, this package does not allow you to have both the 32 and 64 bit versions installed. So, I had to purchase Windows 7 32 bit and have my 64 bit program totally uninstalled. It was discouraging to have to do this, I thought I would be able to have both versions installed and just toggle between them, but it needed to be done. However, I still own the 64 bit program and when all our software will run in the 64 bit mode, I can choose to have it reinstalled. Good Luck

  6. first Windows 7 can either be 32 bit or 64 bit. it sounds to me as if there is a “driver” issue here i would contact the makers of the software in question. maybe check thier website and see if there isn’t a new driver that you can download and install prior to the installation of your software package. usally these drivers need to be installed prior to the package installation. my laptop now has Windows 7 Home Prem. and i really like this OS (operating system). many software and hardware such as printers need a new driver to work in the newer OS. hope this is helpful.

  7. I had a like problem,I bought a laptop and couldn’t open pes files. Finally after MUCH frustraction, I download the program I use on the big computer which still had windows xp(the laptop has windows7)on a disc and installed it on my far so good….I hope this helps.

  8. I had the same problem installing my Husqvarna 4D Embroidery program on my new laptop with Windows 7. My local dealer wasn’t able to help me and advised me to contact Husqvarna support directly. I did that and was advised that Windows 7 didn’t recognise the existing “drivers” for the Dongle and Reader/Writer because the “drivers” were an older version and not compatible with Windows 7. They provided me with newly created “drivers” and once I downloaded them onto my laptop everything works fine. So, I would try to contact Brother directly as they may have created new “drivers” for Windows 7 and should provide them to you at no charge. It’s worth a try. Good luck. I hope you are able fix the problem.

  9. I had the same problem at first with my PE Design 7 but my husband contacted Brother and they told us what to do. However, when my husband put the cd in to install it in Windows 7 it just installed with no problem at all. I still use the card reader and everything.

  10. Don’t be fooled by Viking people saying “Oh you can only buy laptops in 64 bit” — It’s not true….AND just so everyone knows…you can buy a 64 bit machine and run 32 bit version of your XP Operating System. Some people don’t understand that.

  11. Hi I was looking into something for my wife and came across this thread, I work extensivly with computers and I have set up PE Design 6 and because it is usually me who has to use the software I have it on all my computers so that I dont have to go and boot up another computer to sort my wifes problem out, at the moment PE Design Ver6 is running perfectly on 2 x Windows 7 both 64bit( one Pro & one Home Premium )and a laptop running Vista 32bit Premium. Once the program has been installed using “run as Administrator” from the right button on the setup.exe file it should be fine. I also had read that this software Ver6 would only run on XP. Try it it if you have this older version before you go out and give Brother a fortune for new software because they are shirking thier responsibilities

  12. I also have windows 64 bit, I went to hp computer site and downloaded a fix for this problem. Next I went to brother site there is a place on there site map to the left that is called upgrade downloads. If you go there it will ask for your machine model and software level you can automatically download upgrades that will help you fix the problem.

  13. I own PED ver 2 (on discettes), upgrade to Palette ver 6.0 (on CD) and I now have a new laptop with Windows 7. I can’t load my original verions 2 because I don’t have a drive to load it. It won’t let me load my upgrade without the original version loaded. Plus I have the 32/64 bit issue to resolve. What steps do I need to take to get my version 6 software running?
    Thanks for any help

  14. I have visited the Babylock and Brother websites and downloaded all the updates. My design database works correctly and so does the stitch progammer. But layout and editing looks like it is going to open and then a small screen flashes on my compuer and nothing opens. I really don’t want to have to buy Palette 9. I saw an upgrade on the Babylock website but my local dealer said I had to buy the entire package for $500

  15. I have the same problem and unable to get any help from Brother. They say sorry upgrade your software. Before I can install PEdesign6 I have to be able to install 2,4 and 5. I contacted Toshiba and they were no help either. I’m so frustrated. I absolutley refuse to spend all that money for an upgrade that I really don’t want or need. My version 6 serves me well. Does anyone have a solution to this problem. I see others struggling with the same issue did you get the help you need?

  16. I’ve have Palette 6.0 and have never installed it. I am trying to find a class to teach me how to use it but my local dealer is only teaching 9.0

    Is there a site for instructions for 6.0? Or does anyone know where I can upgrade my 6.0 to 9.0? I am finally ready to take the digitizing plunge and would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you!Barbara

  17. I have a MacBookPro and Pfaff 4D emb.extra software I downloaded it using Parallels & windows 7 64 bit Everything is working except it won’t recognize the USB cable . So I can’t send designs to my machine.The sewing machine icon is showing with and X through it. Can anyone help me

  18. Hi

    I’m hoping someone can help me?
    I’ve recently been asked to embroider some baby foot and hand prints onto a cushion for a friend. These prints are hospital prints from her baby who was stillborn 🙁 It’s such an awful thing to happen and she would love to have this special memory she can keep near her on a cushion…the problem I have is getting a decent image on PE-design in order to embroider it…I have a JPEG and admittedly it’s not very clear but I just want to be able to embroider the best picture I can
    Any tips on getting a decent picure when importing a JPEG please
    I’d be very grateful for any advice

    Kind regards

  19. Help – I have updated computer to HP that runs windows 7 64 bit. I see comments that show that I can get my pe design 5 to run; however, there are no links or step by step instructions on how to get to work. Can someone post on this url how to fix problem?

  20. Sorry to Hijack an old post, but I have just resolved this issue. Contrary to what Brother say, it IS possible to get PE Design Ver 6 to work on Windows 7 64 Bit. I have just used this solution on a friends PC, and it works fine. I have typed up the solution at the site below:

    If you prefer, you can download the two files direct from Brother’s website.

    Nick Shaw

  21. I have OS 7 ultimate, I followed the above directions to install PE6 and the CRW is only recognized by the stitch creator and not by Layout and Editing or the other 2. I get all the tutorials.
    What did I not do, or what did I do wrong? I have XP Virtual PC working well and tried to install it there too and the same thing happens.

    Thank you, G.

  22. The simplest solution is to go to Start > Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Run Programs made for previous versions of windows > Then a popup box will appear that has Program compatibility. Click on the “Next” button, the computer will scan for incompatible programs, highlight the PED program that you are having problems with, click on the “Next” button, check the box next to “The program worked with earlier versions of Windows but will not install or work now”, click the “Next” button, click “Try running with recommended settings”, click “next” then save. That simple!

  23. Brother pe design will not work as you say on windows 7 64 bit. It will work on widows 7 32 bit.

    If you have enough memory, you can split your drive to install either windows 32 bit or xp.

    I have an apple mac, and pe design will not work, but I split the drive and installed windows 32 bit, it works to perfection and no more problems.

    I hope this is helpful.

  24. I am having some issues. I have a windows vista and my PE 2, 3, 5 and 6 are for the Window XP. Is there anyway to configure this software so I can use on my Windows Vista. I don’t want to spend anymore money buying new software when I already have software.

  25. Margaret;
    I run XP on my desktop but have Vista on my laptop. I went to the Brother website and downloaded the patch for PE Design 6 and my program runs perfect.

  26. I’m not sure this is the correct topic to post this in, but it seemed like my best hope. I have PE Design V 6 and I installed it in compatibility mode on Windows 8, but every time I try to import something into layout and editing, it freezes and I can’t. Does anyone know what’s wrong/how to fix it? Thank you!

  27. Can anyone help please? I have just got a new 64-bit computer and I have PE design 6 which I am very happy with! But the computer will not recognize the card reader. Is there an upgrade or is there another solution? I don’t want to spend another £1000 on a later version and my machine will not take a usb so the new dongle from Brother is no use to me.

  28. I am having the same problem with my PE Design 6. I have tried everything but nothing works. I have a 32 bit PC and a 64 bit and neither of them will read my card reader.

  29. I figured it out…the program is expecting the wrong driver name. These directions assume you have the latest driver for Windows 7 64-bit, and that you do *not* get an error message about not having a card reader. This solution fixes the program seeming to start, but unexpectedly closing.

    This is a little tricky, but here is what you do:

    1) Make a backup copy of “C:\Program Files (x86)\Brother\PE-DESIGN Ver6\Embedit.exe” (in case you screw up)
    2) Open “C:\Program Files (x86)\Brother\PE-DESIGN Ver6\Embedit.exe” in a hex editor (Frhed is pretty good –
    3) Replace “busbcrw.sys” with “bucrw64.sys”
    4) Save “C:\Program Files (x86)\Brother\PE-DESIGN Ver6\Embedit.exe”

    5) Repeat 1-4 for “C:\Program Files (x86)\Brother\PE-DESIGN Ver6\Embmake.exe”

  30. Message for Henry!
    I’ve opened up the program in a hex editor but can’t see the busbcrw.sys in the screen. There are just loads of pairs of numbers & letters?!

  31. Will the above steps work for Babylock Pallette V6? I am having problem trying to install on Windows 8. Baby lock told me today that I have to upgrade to Palette 10.

  32. Same thing here. I have tried installing PEDESIGN 5 on windows 8.1 and windows 7 with no success. First of all my card reader is functional if I check its status in ”system harware”. Light on reader is on and driver is up to date too. The symptoms for all the attemps in installing I made are the same: Design Center opens and closes rapidly, same for Layout and editing. Stitch creator opens correctly (because it does not need the card reader to be on) So I came to the conclusion that the reader was faulty.
    This is what I have tried:
    1) Install from CD as is = does not work
    2) Uninstall CD version and install updated 5.61 software and card reader driver from Brother site and installed as directed with the compatibility changes for windows 7 on my windows 7 and windows 8.1 laptops.(Strangely, Brothers help center has the download for windows 8.1 but in the install instructions only shows windows vista and 7). I set compatibility for xp service pack 3 for both embedit and embmake although the compatibility for the card reader was auto set on vista.= does not work
    3) Changed the card reader driver update compatibility to xp service pack 3= does not work
    4) Tried all compatibilities from windows 98 up to windows vista service pack 2 ( to all embedit, embmake and card driver= does not work
    5) set to administrator= does not work
    6) Tried the ”test your card reader module” software on Brothers web site and came out fine ( my card reader module has no problems)
    7) Tried to do one of the above suggestion and change busbcrw.sys file in a hex editor but the program does not allow me to make the change.

    As all of you I am very frustrated to have paid 2000$ for a program from a company who does not even offer proper driver upgrades.

    I truely hope someone will find a solution. Mine is to go and buy an old desktop computer with windows xp since mine just blew up.

  33. I have run PE Design7 on Win7 64 for the past few years without any problems. I had a hiccup and accidently deleted the program two weeks ago. Frustration. Frustration. The Brother website clearly states it will work on Win7 64 bit.
    Solution for me today. Uninstall PE Design. Turn off computer and restart. Install PE Design 7 from disc. Turn off computer and restart.
    Plug in card reader. Download PE Design7 drivers for Win7 from Brother website and install.
    Download PE Design 7 upgrade from Brother website and install. Once downloaded, go to the program file, and send the short cuts for Design Centre and Layout and Editing to desktop. Right click on desktop icon for Design Centre and go to Properties at the bottom of the page. Go to the compatability tab. Select XP Service Pack 3. Click on Apply. Click on your selected icon and run the program. This is not magic. Win7 64 bit Home has the capability of running older programs with this method. Contrary to what you are often told, you do not need to buy a later version to enjoy this program. It can however be updated to PE Design 10 if you want to spend the money.

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