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I want to be sure that everyone takes a few minutes to check out my latest Newsletter.    The truly important thing about it is the fact that “Rogue Software” – is able to mask itself VERY successfully.  Danger awaits you when you get it through a link that says something as innocent as – “Here is a toolbar/link/item/time saver that you will find very helpful.”  Some of those can be very malicious.  To receive my tips regularly and to view back issues of the Secrets of Computers Newsletter, please be sure to subscribe here.

Additionally, I have given a number of links where you can find usable items, I use them myself, for three to six months, before making a recommendation.  Please be assured that those are taken from VERY reliable sources such as the Microsoft site, MajorGeeks and PC World among others.  I believe these have been on the Net for a sufficiently long time that they have too much to loseWeight Exercise by being taken in by rogue software.  They are trustworthy.

Thanks too for being supportive of my products as well.  I appreciate your patronage for my PC Tips for all Users  and Embroidery Profit and Cost Analysis.  The Tips gives you over 70 money and timesaving tips and tricks for everyone on your PC and the Cost Analysis helps you determine how much to charge for your embroidery.  Additionally, my profits go to assist my autistic grandson.

Pat, The Computerist

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