Pfaff/Viking 5D Embroidery is Coming…

Looks like it is on again with a new 5D version of the Pfaff/Viking software to be released later this year.

It is thought that if you purchase the 4D between now and the 31st of July FROM A PARTICIPATING DEALER you will get the upgrade free.

Personally I would wait till the new version comes out as the “participating ” looks like a loophole to me. I would get it in writing.

The rest of us will have to upgrade again if we want to get the Vector graphics and other “exciting new stuff” but my feeling is that it is just an upgrade that they want us to pay for, not a new version, as no new dongle is required. I suspect the days of free upgrades are gone.  But we have been very lucky as I do not know of any other software that offered free upgrades like the VIP did.

I wonder what this will mean for owners of the 3D version?  I might be cynical but it could be that it is an excuse to make it obsolete like VIP and version 5 are now. Only public demand will force them to release a Win 7 driver for the 3D Dongle and communication with machines will be even harder if you are locked into a smart card or cable.

Anyone considering a machine purchase should be sure that it has USB jump drive connection.  Be very careful of purchasing second hand machines. I would insist that the seller show you that it can communicate with a computer and supply the appropriate software. The Ultimate box will take care of any machines that take a standard card but those ones that run on smart cards may be in trouble.

Carolyn Duncan

52 thoughts on “Pfaff/Viking 5D Embroidery is Coming…”

  1. Hi there. I have Pfaff 3D, 4D and 5D installed on my system. I am having no problems with 3D and 4D – all is well. The problem is with 5D – when I send a pattern to my embroidery machine my PC kicks out an error message saying ‘incompatable software versions, contact smart update’. Does this mean I should uninstall all previous versions before 5D will work 100%?

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