Organ Needles – Viking Diamond

Is it okay to use Organ Needles in the Viking Designer Diamond Sewing Maching?????????  We have been told not to use them because they are a little bit too long.  And, since I have the Diamond – I would like to know the answer to this.  Thank you – Yvonne.


This is a general rule for sewing machines:

“Machines sew better when you use Schmetz in European made machines, Organ for Asia made and Brazil for Singer made, which is also what they are timed with at those factories.”

I only use Schmetz in my Pfaff and Husqvarna viking machines,  but ALL overlockers are made in Asia so the organ needles would be fine for any overlocker or Asian made sewing machine.

Carolyn Duncan

Boo-tiful Halloween Mini Quilt

Make a Boo-tiful Halloween Mini-Quilt! This fun project tutorial from A Bit of Stitch comes with six applique designs, the quilt layout pattern, a curved corner template and step-by-step instructions to show you how to make the quilt. Also included are lots of helpful hints and tips. Create your own layout to make placemats or a table runner for boo-tiful Halloween decor! This is a great project for beginning quilters!

How to Create Stipple with Embird

Carolyn Keber’s latest tutorial, Creating Stipple Designs with Embird Studio v5, takes you through creating your own stippling using the Freehand Tool. By the end of the lesson you will be confidently creating your own stipple designs to use for quilting, home decoration and on garments. You will be thrilled at how simple it is to create a stippling pattern which can be used over and over again, re-sized and changed to suit any project.

Included with this lesson is a beautiful posy design, an image file to use for your stippling practice, plus 3 free bonus stippling files.

Monster Bash Tote and Play

SewAZ Embroidery’s new Monster Bash Tote & Play set is a must have project for Halloween and would make a great table centerpiece with the freestanding party goers and lots of scrummy candy scattered around. Or it could be trick or treat bag with the addition of an extra hook and loop at the bottom of the opening. Use glow in the dark thread for the lettering and all the white designs!

Also see the October Sale & Free Flower Fairy offer at SewAZ!

Download to CD/DVD using Embird

Hi Carolyn

Is there anyway using Embird that you can download to a CD or DVD drive. Thanks –  Leanne Gitell

Hi Leanne,

Usually when saving designs to other media I use a USB pen and not a CD, however, I tried it for you and it does work.

Pop your CD in the CDROM drive and if a screen appears saying that the CD needs formatting then allow this to happen. Once the CD is formatted you can write designs to your CD by using the Explorer command in Manager and Editor or you can even use the “Save As” command in Editor. Alternatively you can select all the designs in Manager that you wish to write to the CD and then using the “Long Right Mouse Click” option you can send then all straight to the CD using the “Send To” option.

I have a free Embird Club lesson for the Long Right Mouse Click function if you are a member of my Embird Club which will take you through this function.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
Step by Step Tutorials for all Embird programs and for PE Design

What is Stipple?

I would like to know exactly what is meant by the phrase “stipple” designs.  I am looking for designs that can be sewn with heavy threads, such as Sulky 12 Lose Weight Exercise, and would like to know if stipple designs are appropriate for that thread.  Thank you – Barbara.

Dear Barbara,

There is a bit of controversy about the proper definition of  “stipple” as it applies to quilting. Some quilters say that stipple means a meandering line of stitching that is used to secure (and flatten) layers of cloth and batting together. This line is to be a single row of stitches, looped around in a serpentine design and never crossing over itself. Some quilters call that stitch “meander stitching”. For myself, I call that type of stitch stipple, but am not fanatic about the lines crossing over themselves when creating a “motif” stipple design. A motif stipple has a recognizable shape, such as a flower or heart, that is repeated periodically during the process.

Sulky 12 Lose Weight Exercise is a hard thread to use with machine embroidery designs as it is 100% cotton (not great for high speeds) and very thick, like a topstitch or buttonhole thread. Some folks I know use a serger needle in their embroidery or sewing machines (as long as the shank fits correctly) because of the increased thread groove depth and the larger eye. I’ve had good luck with that little trick myself! Stipple designs, as long as they are single lines of stitches that do not double over themselves, could be used with this heavy thread. I would slow the machine speed down, loosen the top tension slightly and use a large eyed or metallic needle.

I hope this helps!

A Bit of Stitch

Hello “Secrets Neighbors”


Image Courtesy of  Erina’s Designs

Hi Neighbor – It is so great to be a member of Secrets and all the great things available to us from this site!!

I am writing the Computer Secrets (a newsletter which will be fresh info) which you will find to be helpful in all your computer usage.  In addition, I have a spreadsheet for you to determine “ How Much To Charge For Embroidery” and a “ PC Tips and Tricks for Everyone” (different info from my newsletter) at the same place. 

I will be putting tips here as well.  I hope you find my information to be of help to you.  Let me know what you want to know about.  Would you rather hear about tips for easier computing or sites where you can get something free or interesting?


This image courtesy of Patternmaker Cross-Stitch

When I taught adult learners computing, I found that there was so much that even seasoned PC users did not know.  You can’t ask a question about things you have no idea are available.  We often were placed in a seat with a computer in front of us, and had to work through a lot of the questions by ourselves.  Worse yet, we got info from someone who was never really trained either.  Time and effort features abound, and I will be sharing them with you.  Don’t use your PC as a glorified typewriter, use it efficiently.

Please do ask anything you might want info about.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  I will be blogging here about once a week but will check for comments often.


Pat Snyder
The Computerist

This image courtesy of Needle Passion Embroidery