PE Design Lite/Palette Petite Tutorial

PE Design LiteCarolyn Keber has a new Step by Step Tutorial for PE Design Lite/Palette Petite that will show you how to quickly create your own designs using an auto-digitizing method. Once you’ve followed Carolyn’s 112 page pdf tutorial and watched the 19 videos you’ll be very surprised at how much this “Lite” version of PE Design/Palette can actually do. There’s also a lesson included on downloading designs from the Internet, opening them in your program and then sending them to your machine.

Smart Card Station Not Working

Hello, I am hoping someone can help. I don’t know what happened, my smart card station is not working all of a sudden. When I open the program up, and try to retrieve what is on the card, it looks like it is reading the card, the light is on and it is doing what looks like the transfer, then nothing comes up, it tells me the there is no folder picked, when I try to send a design to the card, the program does not respond and I have to close it down. I recently installed the PED 6 program which also has a card reader, I put in a different usb, that works good, but the pfaff is not, the light works, but it is not reading anything. Can anyone help?? Did the card go bad? All my designs are in this program, so I really need this to work. I hope someone can help. Thank you, Lillian

Dear Lillian,

I can only assume that the PED software has altered the com port settings in some way or is otherwise interfering with the smart Card station transfer. Go to 3D/4D Configure and try altering the com port settings. if you have 4D try the “Reset All Modules” option first to see if that helps. If not then check that the PED install has not altered your machine settings and make sure the Smart Card Station is selected. Then try using different com ports – one at a time – you have four to choose from.

I hope that it is just that the two reader units are both trying to use the same port.

Carolyn Duncan
Author of Pfaff, Husqvarna & Sewing Tutorials

PS Forgot to say:

I assume that you have disconnected the PED card reader before trying to use the smart card reader. With the PED software the reader unit acts as a security device. Make sure that you have the Smart Card station attached to the usual USB port.

Lettering Around a Circle in PED7

I have just received PE Design 7 and have a brother 8500D machine. I have a question about lettering. Have used PED 6 before, had same question. How can I get lettering to go all around a circle. I know that I can curve it some, have done that, but would like to know how to make it a complete circle. Love your site and columns. Thanks June C.

Hi June

To place lettering at both the top and bottom of a circle you need to create two separate circles (the same size) and then also create two different sets of lettering – one for the top and one for the bottom of the circle. Then you need to make sure that each set of lettering is placed in the correct position. I do have an in depth Text tutorial for Version 7 available which will explain all the settings you need in order to do this.

Creating text that completely encircles a circular shape entails creating your circle shape first and then writing your text and applying it to the shape of path that you have created. Adjustments can be made to the size of the text and the gaps between letters in order to make it fit correctly. All this and much more is also covered in my Text Made Easy tutorial for V6 and V7. Click on the link to read more.

I hope that helps. Best of luck.

Kind regards,

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Basting Before Embroidering

I am a beginner. My niece has a Viking machine.  It bastes around the edge of her designs before it embroiders the design. How can I get my BabyLock machine to do that? Thank you, in advance.
Reba, Sand Springs, OK

Hi Reba,

You can simulate this by using the Embroidery Edit function on your machine and using one of the in-built frames included with the machine. Use the running stitch ones and re-size to suit. Then open your embroidery design and merge the files. Best of luck. 

Kind regards,
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Design Embroiders Too Sparse

Is there anything that can be done with a design that has embroidered out too sparse? There are gaps between some of the threads.

Also, there are some designs that appear to have a row of stitches missing at the point where they join. Can anything be done with that?

I have got PE Design 6. Thank you, Christine.

Hi Christine

One reason that the embroidery could be too sparse is that the density when the design was created was too low or that there is little or now underlay stitching in the design. The other reason could be that you are embroidering the design on a garment or article that is quite heavy – such as fleece, toweling or sweat-shirting. Heavier fabrics need a more dense design.

The reason why you are getting a gap where the design starts and finishes is that once again your fabric may be heavier than the design was intended for – and the design was possibly created in a digitizing program that has no overlap rows at the start/finish point to avoid this occurrence.

I can suggest two solutions for you:

1. Stitch the area out twice that is too thin, or –

2. Re-digitize the problem area and perhaps add your own underlay as well and then delete the original fill. This can be done in PEDS V6 using the Manual Punch tool to create the new object and then using Stitch to Block feature to separate and delete the problem fill.

I do have step by step lessons available for PE Design at Secrets of Embroidery if you need more help.

Kind regards
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PE Design Lite

What do you know about PE Design Lite?

Hi there,

PE Design Lite is a condensed version of PE Design which is suitable for people who just want to import and edit designs, make some adjustments to the designs such as add lettering etc and then write them to their machine.

I had a quick look at the program at a Stitches and Craft show and feel it would be good for those that don’t want a full blown program but want a little more than PE Basic.

Kind regards
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Selecting Designs to Transfer

Hi Carolyn,
My question is when you have all your designs open in Embird thumbnails and you click the box there beside the thumbnail to pick out a couple or a for a few designs, how do you bring up those designs when you are finished picking them out and then save them to my desktop file called “Ready To Sew”? I have a Brother PE750D machine and I have to use PED-Basic to load my embroidery card and need a way to bring those designs that I have to my desktop folder in order to send them to my card.

In other words once I download a zip file down from the internet I usually run them through Dedduper which gets rid of the other file formats and just keeps the PES designs and it also unzips the zipped files. Then I usually run them through Embird and convert them again to PES and them I usually view them in Embird in Thumbnails. When you are viewing in thumbnails in Embird there is the little box that you can check to pick out the designs you want to work with and I also want to print out those few designs along with their thread list and then save them to the “Ready To Sew” folder which I can then load into PED-Basic and send those designs to the card and then load the card into my machine.

I am probably taking too many steps but I use the Dedupper because it gets rid of all the other formats and keeps the PES files and that way I am not converting all the other formats over in Embird and having a lot of duplicate files there I try to get rid of the duplicates first.

So when you are viewing these files in Embird and you have 300 designs in thumbnails and you only want 8 or 10 etc. how do I print out just those few files so you have your design and threadlist on only those files and then save only those files to the Sew folder?
I know I am repeating myself here, but I have been online all day and have not gotten anyone to understand exactly what I am trying to do, so I’ve gotten answers that I already know won’t work. Can you give me the right steps to do this, I am spending so much time trying to figure out some of this goofy stuff that it is not leaving me anytime to actually embroidery.
Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Belinda

I think you may be taking one too many steps when selecting your designs for embroidery. I can understand why you use Deduper to get rid of unwanted file formats but I don’t think you need to convert your Pes designs once you have extracted them using Deduper as they are already PES designs. Not having to re-convert the designs will save you some time.

Personally – if I wanted to send selected designs to a folder on my Desktop ready for embroidery I would select the designs I wanted to use from the Right Panel in Embird Manager. Hold down the CTRL key and select each design you wish to use and then right mouse click and use the Cut and Paste command – or Copy and Paste command (if you wish to retain a copy in the original folder). Move to the folder on your Desktop using Embird and then right mouse click and paste the designs into your Desktop folder.

In this Desktop folder and using Embird, select the designs once again and using the Right Panel and the Right Panel command you can select the designs and then right mouse click and choose to either Export/Color Layers (or one of the other selections) and the color layers will be saved as JPG into the same folder as your designs are saved in. You can then open this JPG and print out the color layers or alternatively you can just select the designs, right mouse click and choose Print/Print Color Layers. Just use which method you find easiest.

From this folder you can also open PEDS Basic – using the Long Right Mouse click (I have a free Embird Club lesson on this if you are in my Embird Club) and choosing Open with/PEDS Basic. This is useful if you don’t have the Associate Extensions set up with Embird. I don’t use PEDS Basic – only PE Design – so I am not 100% sure if PEDS Basic has an option to send more than one design at a time to your card. I would think it would have this option and if it does it should be under the File Menu. Look for the “Send to Card/Other designs” (or similar) option.

Hopefully that will speed up your process. There is nothing worse than spending a day fluffing around with designs on the computer and at the end having achieved nothing, is there?  -VBG!!

Best of luck and happy embroidering

Kind regards
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Motif Stitches

Hi, I would like to know how to do a hand look chain stitch on a motif stitch to use as outline or fill in PE Design 6, please? Thank you. – Sarita

Hi Sarita

If you use Motif 04 which is found in the Motif folder in PEDS V6 you will get a stitch that is very like a hand chain stitch especially if you use a 30weigth embroidery thread. If you find this stitch is a little wide for you then you could make your own Motif stitch modeled on that sample. Create your own motif stitches in Programmable Stitch Creator.

I hope that helps
Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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PE Design 7 vs Generations

Have you ever heard of “Generations” digitizing program. I have a Brother 4000D and the PE-7 program. But I went to a Generations Digitizing program and was impressed. What do you think of Generations? 
Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Roslyn

Yes, I have heard of Generations but I don’t know a lot about it, I’m afraid. It will depend on what you want to use your digitizing program for as to whether you should consider it or not as I feel it is reasonably expensive – as are most embroidery software programs. If you are creating designs for commercial use (for sale) then Generations could be a consideration but I am firmly of the belief that if you have an embroidery program already and are not particularly familiar with it then it really pays to learn the program you have before investing in a further program. PE Design V7 has some wonderful features and I am sure that if you also went to a presentation of it you would come away amazed at what it could do. It?s all in the marketing – LOL!!

I have used PE Design/Palette since version 2 and it has come a long way since that time. What impresses me about the program is that Brother/Babylock keeps the program consistent and that the tools and features remain basically the same but what you can do with them always improves greatly from version to version. This means that anyone who has learnt earlier versions of PE Design/Palette can upgrade to later versions and still be able to use the program without starting their learning all over again.

Something else that may help you decide to stick with PE Design V7 is the fact that a lot of designers who create and sell their embroidery designs on the internet actually use PE design for their design creation. PE Design is a great program and really worth getting to know. Personally if I owned a program such as V7 (which I actually do J) then I would concentrate on learning that program thoroughly before I contemplated buying a different program. I have learnt a number of embroidery software programs over the years and I would stick with PE Design for now.

If it was me then I would save my hard earned money and put it towards some other sewing or embroidery “toy” rather than have two software programs that in the end do basically the same thing.

If you need more advice then I am happy for you to contact me. I am sure this is probably not what you wanted to hear about an alternative software program but I am not a believer in spending yet more money on something you’ll find that you already have.

Best of luck with your decision.

Kind regards
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Editing Design Parts

Dear Carolyn,

I have purchased your Embird tutorials & they are great. Thank you! I also have PE-Design V6 which has a big learning curve from Embird. My question is can you cut & paste parts of a purchased design like you can in Embird? I know you can delete items that have a different color but if the item is all one color how can I delete a part of it? In Embird, as you taught, I can locate & seperate stiches, how can I do it in PE design? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Linda

Yes you can cut and paste and delete parts of purchased designs in PE Design V6. This is one way that you can do it. But be warned it isn?t quite as simple as it is in Embird.

Open your design in Layout and Editing.

Select it with the Select Tool.

Take the Split Stitch Data Tool and click around the area you wish to keep. Double click to finish the selection. The cut area will now be selected.

To remove the unwanted section of the design, select the rest of the design. Hit the delete key on your keyboard. The unwanted section will be deleted.

Now go to Save As and save your design as a new file name so as to not over-write the original design.

Now select the object on the Design Page. There may still be parts of the design that need removed.

Go to Sew and choose Stitch to Block. Click OK.

Go to Edit and choose Ungroup. This will unlock the design.

With the design still selected tap the TAB key on your keyboard and watch the Region Fill box on the screen until the color appears that you wish to remove. Once that color appears it will be selected on the Design Page. Tap the Delete button to remove this color. If more is deleted that you wish then you can click Undo.

If you wish to only remove a few stitches you could instead choose Sew/Convert to Stitches and then using the Edit Tool individually edit or remove the unwanted stitches.

To copy and paste just right mouse click on a selected object and choose Copy. Then open a new Design Page or simply right mouse click on the current Design Page and choose Paste.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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