PE Design-Carolyn K

PE Design Lite/Palette Petite Tutorial

Carolyn Keber has a new Step by Step Tutorial for PE Design Lite/Palette Petite that will show you how to quickly create your own designs using an auto-digitizing method. Once you’ve followed Carolyn’s 112 page pdf tutorial and watched the 19 videos you’ll be very surprised at how much this “Lite” version of PE Design/Palette can actually […]

Smart Card Station Not Working

Hello, I am hoping someone can help. I don’t know what happened, my smart card station is not working all of a sudden. When I open the program up, and try to retrieve what is on the card, it looks like it is reading the card, the light is on and it is doing what […]

Lettering Around a Circle in PED7

I have just received PE Design 7 and have a brother 8500D machine. I have a question about lettering. Have used PED 6 before, had same question. How can I get lettering to go all around a circle. I know that I can curve it some, have done that, but would like to know how […]

Basting Before Embroidering

I am a beginner. My niece has a Viking machine.  It bastes around the edge of her designs before it embroiders the design. How can I get my BabyLock machine to do that? Thank you, in advance. Reba, Sand Springs, OK Hi Reba, You can simulate this by using the Embroidery Edit function on your […]

Design Embroiders Too Sparse

Is there anything that can be done with a design that has embroidered out too sparse? There are gaps between some of the threads. Also, there are some designs that appear to have a row of stitches missing at the point where they join. Can anything be done with that? I have got PE Design […]

PE Design Lite

What do you know about PE Design Lite? Hi there, PE Design Lite is a condensed version of PE Design which is suitable for people who just want to import and edit designs, make some adjustments to the designs such as add lettering etc and then write them to their machine. I had a quick […]

Selecting Designs to Transfer

Hi Carolyn,   My question is when you have all your designs open in Embird thumbnails and you click the box there beside the thumbnail to pick out a couple or a for a few designs, how do you bring up those designs when you are finished picking them out and then save them to […]

Motif Stitches

Hi, I would like to know how to do a hand look chain stitch on a motif stitch to use as outline or fill in PE Design 6, please? Thank you. – Sarita Hi Sarita If you use Motif 04 which is found in the Motif folder in PEDS V6 you will get a stitch […]

PE Design 7 vs Generations

Have you ever heard of “Generations” digitizing program. I have a Brother 4000D and the PE-7 program. But I went to a Generations Digitizing program and was impressed. What do you think of Generations?    Roslyn Scottsdale, AZ Hi Roslyn Yes, I have heard of Generations but I don’t know a lot about it, I’m […]

Editing Design Parts

Dear Carolyn, I have purchased your Embird tutorials & they are great. Thank you! I also have PE-Design V6 which has a big learning curve from Embird. My question is can you cut & paste parts of a purchased design like you can in Embird? I know you can delete items that have a different […]