PE Design-Carolyn K

PE Design v3 on Vista

I have been running Pe-Design v3. on my old computer (windows XP) – now I have windows vista. Can someone please help me out. Which version will work with vista? And will my original box work or will I need to upgrade it also? Thanks!! – Debra Hi Debra, According to the Brother USA Home […]

Will PE Design 7 work with Windows 7?

Hi Carolyn – I have the PE Design full version 5 upgraded to 6 and now I want to upgrade to 7. My problem is I have windows 7 and Brother tells me that the upgrade 7 will work with windows 7. Do you know if this is true? I don’t want to buy this […]

Embird and PE Design

I have PE Design 7 and have used your tutorials in the past and have just purchased the latest version. I have been looking at the info on Embird and am wondering if I would find it useful to have both programs. The following information has been supplied by Carolyn Keber who writes Tutorials for […]

How to Use PE Design 7

Hi to everybody. I have purchased the Brother pr620 with the software pe-design7. Can someone help me to understand why it eliminates the lines of seam that are created by a point to the other above the embroidery rather than under on embroideries purchased on the internet or those that you can free download? Thanks - Elena Hello […]

Pitch & Frequency Settings

Hello Carolyn, I just bought (3) tutorials that you did – PE Design v6 & PE Design v7, and manual punch. They are very good, I just need more explanation on pitch and frequency, settings, when and how to use them. Would you have more in detail on this? Next, running path, this isn’t real clear […]

Will Tutorials for V7 work for V8?

I need information regarding the tutorials for PE Design Vs. 7 with reference to being able to use it for PE Design 8. If I order this tutorial, will it be applicable for vs. 8. I know absolutely nothing about this software since I just purchased my new Brother’s in December and this software came […]