PE Design-Carolyn K

PE Design Plus Digitizing

I have PE-Design Plus and have scanned a logo for my organization and wanted to embroider the logo on an item I am making. I used the photo section and the logo comes out awful. I wanted to have it come out in a zigzag stich and instead it is more of a mess of […]

Splitting Big Designs in PE Design Lite

Hello, I have a Brother Innov 950 and use PE-Design Lite. Is there a possibility to split big (5×7) patterns in 4×4? Can you explain it me please? I use patterns in pes. Thanks a lot. Wil Hi Wil, PE Design Lite does not have a splitting command in the program. The program is a very […]

Palette v5 Asisstance

I need Help. I finally have a new laptop, I loaded Pallet version 5. It seems Ok except It doesn’t show PES. Is there anyway to get PES back? I know I need to upgrade, but I can’t afford it right now - Judy Hi Judy, Thanks for your query. Palette 5 is not compatible with […]

PE Design Next

I have a Brother 950D and a Brother PR-600. I bought the PE Next Software which was a large investment for me, but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Please tell me the best way to learn how to use my software. Primarily, my idea was to scan my patterns to create […]

Security Device Not Found – PE Design

Several years ago, I purchased the PE-Design 4.0 tutorial. I have moved twice since then and do not have my copy. My real issue is with my security device. My computer crashed and I had to have the hard drive wiped clean. Now, I have installed the PE-Design program and have plugged in the security […]

Layout and Editing Out of Memory

Hi, I have been using PE Design 8.0 for several months without any problems.  Tonight, when I pressed f8 to import, I got a message box saying Layout and Editing, Out of Memory.  When I pressed ok, it just blinked back up. When I pressed the red X it also just blinked.  I had to […]

Upgrading Palette 5.0

Hi, I have Pallette 5.0. Do I need to up grade to 6,7, and 8 or can I go to 8. What is the difference? I can’t digitize although I have tried. I bought your book but still can’t get the hang of it. I get some designs that my software says it can’t read […]