PE Design Plus Digitizing

I have PE-Design Plus and have scanned a logo for my organization and wanted to embroider the logo on an item I am making. I used the photo section and the logo comes out awful. I wanted to have it come out in a zigzag stich and instead it is more of a mess of stiches. What would you suggest? Is this the wrong software to use? I got the software with my brother machine and am now researching if this was the best program for me.

Hi there – I don’t have PE Design Plus but I have used all the PEDS programs up to and including PE Design Version 8.
PEDS Plus is a lighter version of PE Design Next. Unfortunately for you if you wish to create logos and such you will need to upgrade to PE Design Next as it has full digitizing capabilities. As far as I can see PE Design Plus is very limited in what it can do and it’s major attraction is the Photostitch option but as you’ve found Photostitch only creates scribble type designs where the stitches are all over the show. If you wish to create satin stitches then you’ll need to upgrade to the PEDS Next. Alternatively you could look at another digitizing program such as Embird which I highly recommend.
However you should do a costing first as it may not cost a lot to upgrade to PEDS Next. I am not sure what arrangement Brother have re upgrading the software type. But if it’s more than $300 I would advise you to seriously consider Embird as not only does it have a great editing module but it also had a wonderful digitizing module. Secrets of Embroidery have all the prices for Embird on their web-site. You would need Embird Basic and Digitizing Tools ( Embird Studio) in order to
do what you wish to do.

Carolyn Keber
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Can I Digitize my own fonts on PE Design Basic?

Hi Carolyn,
I have a brother embroidery machine and I would like to download different fonts and monogramming fonts to use on my machine. I just purchased PE-Design Basic from Brother but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to design the fonts or monograms in this program. Can you advise if Embird would allow me to design a monogram or put letters together to make words, like my daughter’s name? Or maybe I need the higher level of PE-Design? I’m at a loss and would greatly appreciate your advice.
Thank you, Laurie

Hi Laurie

PE Design Basic does not have a digitising function at all. It’s really just for minor editing – although I would think that you would be able to purchase lettering that has been digitised already and open and arrange them in PEDS Basic. But if you wished to use True Type Fonts and convert them into ready designs or lettering then you would either have to purchase the full PE Design Next or perhaps PEDS Lite. But to be honest Embird represents much better value for money. The full price of the program is less than PE Design Next or Lite to begin with and then any upgrades are only dollars as opposed to hundreds of dollars for Embird upgrades. I teach both programs – PE Design and Embird – so I have nothing to gain in recommending one over the other but the last upgrade to Embird was $20 whereas I generally pay approx $600 per upgrade for any upgrade to the Brother programs. I’ve had PE Design since Version 2 and have now stopped upgrading at Version 8. I have also had Embird since 1998 and their upgrades have cost me in total over 14 years no more than $80 total (for 14 years).

In Embird Editor you can use the Embird lettering (purchasable at approx $13.50 per lettering style) or you can purchase Font Engine as an add on to Embird at $132.00. Embird itself is $150 and with Font Engine as an add-on or perhaps some of the pre-digitised fonts (which are excellent BTW) you will still be paying far less than the Brother programs plus you’ll have a great amount more of editing capabilities than you’ll ever have with PE Design.

If you wish to make designs from scratch – digitising – then you’ll also need to purchase Embird Studio (Digitising Tools $135.00) This will enable you to create any number of designs, save them and then stitch them on your machine.

But if you’re just looking to create some lettering – such as your daughters name – then my advice would be to get Embird Basic ($132) and some of the Embird lettering at $13.50 each. The lettering is fabulous and resizeable perfectly. And the editing capabilities of Embird are just fantastic. This is really the best value for money program around. Embird will write to any format other than ART

Try the Embird program for 30 days free of charge and see what you think of it . And its a fully functioning version of the program and can be used on any computer you own – without a security device (no dongles).

I think you’re best to start with Embird Basic and a couple f alphabets and get used to them before you buy extra add-ons such as Font Engine or Digitising Tools (Embird Studio) But be assured that Embird will do as you wish to do…

I hope that helps but if you need more info then just email me again.

Kind regards

Carolyn Keber
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Splitting Big Designs in PE Design Lite

Hello, I have a Brother Innov 950 and use PE-Design Lite. Is there a possibility to split big (5×7) patterns in 4×4? Can you explain it me please? I use patterns in pes.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Wil,

PE Design Lite does not have a splitting command in the program. The program is a very basic program and only allows color changes, changes to the sewing order etc. You can open designs, add text to them, import further elements (if they fit in your hoop) and then save them into one file and stitch them. However you cannot split designs that are 5×7 so that they fit into your 4×4 hoop, I am sorry.

If you wished to use a 5×7 design in your 4×4 hoop you would need to get the designer that created the design that you wish to use, to split it for you and send you the design in parts. I am sorry to give you such bad news.

Have you ever consider the Embird program? This program is inexpensive compared to other embroidery software and would allow you to split the designs for your machine. Embird is available for a 30 day or 100 uses (whichever comes first) free trial and is available for download from Secrets of Embroidery. It’s a wonderful program and once you have learnt it you’ll be amazed at how much the program can do. I think it would be the perfect answer for you and your embroidery.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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Palette v5 Asisstance

I need Help. I finally have a new laptop, I loaded Pallet version 5. It seems Ok except It doesn’t show PES. Is there anyway to get PES back? I know I need to upgrade, but I can’t afford it right now – Judy

Hi Judy,

Thanks for your query. Palette 5 is not compatible with Windows 7 in 64 bit, sorry. If your operating system is 64 bit, your options are to upgrade your Palette, or to try a new software like Embird. Are you familiar with Embird? It is a very popular and cost effective embroidery software that can be used with any machine.

If you would like to find out more, go to  this page where you can download a free trial to test the features for 30 days.

Kind regards,

Margaret Hardwick-Smith
Customer Support
at Secrets of Embroidery

PE Design Next

I have a Brother 950D and a Brother PR-600. I bought the PE Next Software which was a large investment for me, but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Please tell me the best way to learn how to use my software. Primarily, my idea was to scan my patterns to create ‘in the hoop projects’. I am a basic beginner, please help.

Dear Beginner,

PE Design Next, the latest version of PE Design is not yet available in Australia so Carolyn Keber, our Embird and PE Design expert has not had a chance to become familiar with it. At this stage we don’t have any tutorials for PE Design Next. A User Guide for PE Design Next can be downloaded from the Brother website  or you may find the store you purchased your software from can help with lessons in your local area. Keep an eye on the Secrets of Embroidery Brother tutorial page for new tutorials coming in the future.

Kind Regards,

The Team @ Secrets

Installing PE-Design 7 without Internet access

I bought PE-Design Lite and the upgrade to PE-Design 7  last year. No problem with installing on my desktop. Now, I would like to install the program on my notebook which does NOT have Internet access. Since PE-Design 7 has to be connected to the Internet as part of the installation process, what do I do? Is there a workaround? I emailed Brother but have received no reply. Thank you very, very much.

PE Design ver 6 with Windows 7

Please help me. I purchased a new computer that has windows 7 and I can’t use my PE Design. Windows 7 doesn’t recognize the card writer. I have been to the Brother website with no answers. I know PE Design is a 32 bit and Windows 7 is a 64 bit. I understand if I could run virtual windows I could use it. But tutorial I found stated the windows home premium wouldn’t allow virtual windows you had to have windows 7 proff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Security Device Not Found – PE Design

Several years ago, I purchased the PE-Design 4.0 tutorial. I have moved twice since then and do not have my copy. My real issue is with my security device. My computer crashed and I had to have the hard drive wiped clean. Now, I have installed the PE-Design program and have plugged in the security device, but still get the message “security device not found”. Can you offer may any help. Many thanks. – Ruth

Hi Ruth

I think you might need to go to the Brother web-site and get an update or fix for your program. They have software updates for most versions of PE Design available and you may need to install one for your version of PEDS and your current operating system.

Click on this link to take you to the download page on the Brother web-site where you can search for updates for V4

Best of luck

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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Layout and Editing Out of Memory


I have been using PE Design 8.0 for several months without any problems.  Tonight, when I pressed f8 to import, I got a message box saying Layout and Editing, Out of Memory.  When I pressed ok, it just blinked back up. When I pressed the red X it also just blinked.  I had to open the task manager to end the program.

I have never gotten this message.  I didn’t even know that layout and editing had a memory.  I thought it was opening files outside of itself on my c drive which is 50% empty. I tried inserting the disc and ran the “repair” but it didn’t change anything.  I scanned for viruses, but none were found.

I sure hope you can help! Thank you, Becky.

Hi Becky

I think it’s possible that it’s the computer’s memory that the program is referring to and not your PEDS V8. My advice would be to shut your computer right down and then wait a few minutes and then turn it back on again. This will just give the computer time to refresh its memory. This can happen when you are playing with graphics as the computer’s memory gets a bit full. In a way the computer is a little like us – we need a sleep to refresh ourselves at times and likewise for a computer.

Re-booting your computer will always help get things back into sync again.

Try that anyway and see if it helps.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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Upgrading Palette 5.0

Hi, I have Pallette 5.0. Do I need to up grade to 6,7, and 8 or can I go to 8. What is the difference? I can’t digitize although I have tried. I bought your book but still can’t get the hang of it. I get some designs that my software says it can’t read is why I thought I might have to upgrade???????? thanks – Faye

Hi Faye

If you are not using your Palette program for creating your own designs and are just using it to transfer designs to your machine then I would advise against upgrading. It will just be an expensive Lose Weight Exercise for you for no gain. If you bought some designs that won’t open in your version of Palette then I would suggest that you write to the designer and ask them to re-save them as a earlier version of Palette. This is possible to do. They only need to open the design again in Layout and Editing and re-save as an earlier version and then re-send you the design.

Alternatively if you have Embird you can open the design in Embird, re-save it as a pes file and you’ll be able to open it in Palette without any problems.

I hope that works for you. Don’t buy an expensive upgrade if you’re never going to use all its features. I am offering my unbiased opinion here as I hate to see people spend money on something that isn’t needed. Don’t let a retailer tell you that you need the newer versions.

Kind regards
Carolyn Keber
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