A Bit of Stitch-Evy H

Embroidery on Golf Polos

I’m sewing a small logo on lightweight 100% polyester 4.1 oz golf polos.  Would a 70/10 BP be ok?  Also, what type of backing do you suggest? You are correct in thinking that a small ball point needle should work best. However, as you will be sewing through stabilizer as well, you may actually need […]

Over the Moon Shelf Elves

Hi, Please let the designer “ A Bit of Stitch” know that her shelf elves pattern is over the moon awesome!!!!  I made about a dozen sets (couples, lol) for Christmas gifts and everyone went bonkers over them!  I used tiny bells, heat set crystals, teeny tiny pom poms and such and they were gorgeous!  […]

Prom Girls Designs?

This is more of a request than a question. I own my own small alterations business. I get about 10 prom dresses a year that I have to take about 6 in of hem off. I would love to find something in the form of a wall hanging for my fitting shop. I have all […]

How to Embroider on Gloves

I’ve done a little bit of embroidery on gloves, but mine were fleece. I don’t think cotton would be that different. Here’s what I did: Open the seam on the pinkie finger side of the glove (most gloves have a seam there). Hoop a piece of sheer mesh cut-away stabilizer that has been sprayed with […]

Is my Bobbin Thread too heavy?

I was told by a sewing machine service woman that my trouble with uneven and skipped stitches was my BOBBIN thread being too heavy.  I had Metler Quilting thread in my machine and she said fine for top thread but do not use on bobbin.  Now I read your article on bobbin thread not being […]

What is Stipple?

I would like to know exactly what is meant by the phrase “stipple” designs.  I am looking for designs that can be sewn with heavy threads, such as Sulky 12 Lose Weight Exercise, and would like to know if stipple designs are appropriate for that thread.  Thank you - Barbara. Dear Barbara, There is a bit […]

Embroidery on Ribbon

I was wondering if you had any advice on machine embroidering on ribbon. The hardest part of embroidering on ribbon is stabilizing it. It must be kept perfectly flat and smooth or the results will be skewed. I have used sticky stabilizers with some success, and also temporary spray adhesive and basting. I guess the […]

Removing Wash-Away

Hi, I am currently embroidering velour towels and using wash-away on top.  The problem is I don’t want to have to wash the towels to remove.  Is there another way to do this? Ta – Marg Hi Marg, Are you using a clear film wash-away on top? If so, there is no need to remove […]

Stabilizer for Redwork

I am trying to do redwork which has scripture (words).  Which stabilizer should I use tear away (and Lose Weight Exercise) or cutaway.  I have trouble with the words coming unstitched.  Should I leave back stitches in tact?  Thank you – Linda Hi Linda! I’m not sure what project fabric you are using, but for […]

All Puckered Up

Hi, I am embroidering about 30 squares for a quilt group that makes quilts for veteran hospitals. All my designs are patriotic. A lot of them are puckering. I am using tearaway stabilizer, have tried cutaway and sticky. Also loosened the thread tension and did not pull the fabric after putting it in the hoop. […]