Computer Secrets

Virtual Memory

#1 – How can I add more virtual memory to my computer.  I have already gone in and added it according to the computer instructions and there is now no more to be added.  In other words, how can I delete stuff that will make more virtual memory available. #2 – Also, on the list […]

Converting Design Files

Hi - I’m having problems opening files from a cd onto my computer and transferring them to the flashdrive to use in the machine. What program do I need to use to convert to dst or jef and transfer them to the flashdrive? – Paula Hi Paula, If you have design files on CD, you will […]

Printing a Range of Pages

I am having a problem with my printer. I have worked hours trying to fix it to no avail. I am printing the instructions for a program I won, Creative Embroidery. I was printing them every other page so I could use both sides of the paper. I got one whole side done and 77 […]

Computer Basics Tutorial & Fabric Postcard Projects

Debbie Hicks, of Too Cute Embroidery, has a fantastic new computer help CD called Connect the Dots – Computer Basics & Beyond. Finally, a series of simple down-to-earth lessons on how to use your computer, covering just the basics – where things are, what they do and how to do it. Debbie can help you […]