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If you love photography too, check out this site. 


Don’t forget that I have a spreadsheet/worksheet for anyone who wants to be able to sell their beautiful embroidery. Check it out .  It will walk you through the maze of determining How Much To Charge for your embroidery.

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

A fun freebie for games lovers!

If you enjoy games on your computer, or if you know someone who does, this is just the item for you.

I have been a member of Big Fish Games for about 5 years.  They have quality games, and no ads, except for their own games.  Here is the link, exactly as copied from their email to me.

You may contact your friends via any means, including email, postal mail, and/or social networks with the following instructions:

  1. Visit the Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst page at http://www.bigfishgames.com/download-games/1305
  2. Click “Buy It”
  3. In the shopping cart, enter the coupon code: FREERAVEN

Upon completing your free purchase you will be able to download and install the full unrestricted version of this game.  As with all games from Big Fish Games, this game comes with the Big Fish Games Guarantee: No ads, no adware, no spyware.

I hope you enjoy it.  It is free until August 31, 2010.

My next blog will be in your email box soon, watch for it.  I love to give tips and tricks to everyone!


Do you like word games?

This is a fun game to play. It only takes about 3 minutes, and you won’t believe how hard it can be to remember words.  Try out Word Bubbles.

There are several others at the same place, including a Math Game.

I think it is fun and important to keep your brain active. I am retired – well, sort of retired. I want to stay sharp, and these games help me. When I play them day after day, and over and over again, I find that my numbers become better and better.


If you are considering selling your embroidery, please check this out.   And, if you want to use your PC easier, faster and cheaper, check this one out.

Here is a little photo of 2 of my grandchildren. 

Windows 7 + Wacom Tablet Problem … and Solution!


I run windows 7 and when I went to use my old Wacom tablet today with 4D it would not work.  In fact it would not work with any software on the computer. It had been working fine with the windows 7 driver previously.   In the end I uninstalled all reference to it  via the add/remove programs tab and then restarted the computer.

When I attached the tablet the computer said that it needed a driver so I let the computer search.  At the Wacom site it asked me which tablet I had.  Unfortunately my original tablet, a Volito, is no longer listed. The selection that will work if you have this older one is DFT 521.   Select this on the left hand panel and your operating system on the right.  I selected Windows 7 and it  produced a window that said I needed the new 5.2.1-6a that was released on March 15th this year. With this downloaded and installed my tablet and pen are now fine.

As at the 5th of April the direct link is http://www.wacom.com/downloads/drivers.php

If you experience problems this may be the reason why.

Carolyn Duncan
Author of Husqvarna, Pfaff and Sewing Tutorials

Hello Secrets Neighbors! – Rogue Software

I want to be sure that everyone takes a few minutes to check out my latest Newsletter.    The truly important thing about it is the fact that “Rogue Software” – is able to mask itself VERY successfully.  Danger awaits you when you get it through a link that says something as innocent as – “Here is a toolbar/link/item/time saver that you will find very helpful.”  Some of those can be very malicious.  To receive my tips regularly and to view back issues of the Secrets of Computers Newsletter, please be sure to subscribe here.

Additionally, I have given a number of links where you can find usable items, I use them myself, for three to six months, before making a recommendation.  Please be assured that those are taken from VERY reliable sources such as the Microsoft site, MajorGeeks and PC World among others.  I believe these have been on the Net for a sufficiently long time that they have too much to loseWeight Exercise by being taken in by rogue software.  They are trustworthy.

Thanks too for being supportive of my products as well.  I appreciate your patronage for my PC Tips for all Users  and Embroidery Profit and Cost Analysis.  The Tips gives you over 70 money and timesaving tips and tricks for everyone on your PC and the Cost Analysis helps you determine how much to charge for your embroidery.  Additionally, my profits go to assist my autistic grandson.

Pat, The Computerist

Secrets Neighbors – Check that battery!

I had noticed that my wireless mouse had been a little hit and miss with clicking.  I figured that it was just a battery that was going bad. 

I opened the mouse to change the battery and found that the battery had ‘leaked’ and there was acid on  my mouse and now on my hand.  There was also acid that had obviously ‘dried’ on the battery as well.  The battery can actually, under the right conditions, explode. 

Remember – never leave batteries in your equipment, such as your camera.  This can and will damage your expensive equipment.  Additionally, it does not hurt to check the status of a battery that is currently in use, like my mouse. 

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

Hello, Secrets Neighbors! Feng Shui

I love creating, learning and enjoying my family, friends and home.  I hope you have had a chance to read my blog “The Computerist” because I am putting lots of good information for all of you. 

I also love Feng Shui.  I feel like it gives me a ‘centering’ point for my spirit and body.  If you would like some free information, and she has a lot of free information, check out www.space-lift.com   Elizabeth is an enthusiastic Master of Feng Shui and she is truly someone who will share that information with you.  It does not matter in what corner of the world you are in, Elizabeth can help you!

A Jade Plant emphasized by a Charger Plate,> round mirror and some votive candles. Jade, because the leaves are round> like coins is considered to be a 'wealth gathering' plant and the mirror> doubles it!

This Jade Plant is emphasized by a Charger Plate,  round mirror and some votive candles.   Jade, because the leaves are round like coins, is considered to be a ‘wealth gathering’ plant and the mirror doubles it!

I love to learn things, and I am aware that many of you were never taught much about the computer that you are working with.  So many of us were just ‘set down’ and told to work with whatever programs were germaine to your job.  If you want to know more, please do check out my ebook, Computer Tips and Tricks to learn shortcuts, and most of all, unlearn bad habits that slow you down on your PC.

Thanks, and see you soon with my latest blog about Computers.

Pat, The Computerist

Error Deleting Files and Folders

Hi,  I am new to “ Tips from the Computerist” and was wondering if we could ask questions … and maybe have the answer posted in Pat’s column.  If so, my question is:  How do you get rid of files or folders that cannot be deleted, moved or even renamed? I’m getting an “Error Deleting file or folder. Cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk”, etc.   I’m not even sure how these files become “locked”!  Can you possibly help me?  The file/folders DO NOT have the READ ONLY attribute marked.  Thanks, Pascale

Pascale – Thank you for reading The Computerist.  I take great pride in bringing you solid information for your use.

My first thought, at the beginning of reading your question, was that it was a “READ ONLY,” but you covered that very well!  My next step would be to ask you to do a screen print of the steps you are taking and the error messages that are resulting. There may be a clue there.

Additionally, if you would like to check your “Help and Support” (H&S) section in your PC, by selecting “Start,” “H&S,” then in the search box, type in something like “deleting files.”  I know this sounds simple, but you may find that there will be, after a lot of digging through those links, a place where you can select “trouble shooting.”  There is no guarantee you will find an answer since your question is
outside of the ‘usual stuff.’ Also, be sure that your “H&S” is marked ‘check on line for updated information’ or something like that – different machines may have different verbage.

Keep in mind that some files become corrupt and just lost and no longer available in any form.  That will mean that you just have a ‘marker’ left behind and it is most likely not something harmful.  Most ‘malware’ comes in some sort of ‘.exe’ type of file and these do not seem to be of that ilk. 

Be sure to watch for my next newsletter item.  It is really important because it addresses “Rogue Security Software.”  Rogue software is something that is a problem for various reasons and you will be more aware of what is coming at you from the Net. 

Thanks again for reading.  I do have a “ Computer Tips and Tricks” document that is available from ‘Secrets of’ with over 70 items you can use everyday for quicker and more efficient use of your PC.  Everyone can benefit from time and money savers.

Kind Regards,

 Pat Snyder

New Year, Fresh Start

I love having a New Year because, some how, it feels like there is an opportunity to be different – – reinvented if you please.

I don’t make resolutions because they make me feel guilty when I don’t keep them, but I do make new directions for myself.  In connection with that, I was just reading an idea that I really “got!”

You remember the ad that said “Just Do It!”  What would have happened if Nike would have said something like “Just sit there and wallow in indecision.”  That phrase just hit home with me, and so I am the ‘Just Do It Lady’ these days.

You will be seeing my usual Computer tips around the end of the month in your Secrets of Computers Newsletter.  This month will be really interesting because I found a method to stop a computer problem that always bugged me – the volume control.   I have the volume set very low for my games but very high for my Skype.  If I get off Skype and go to a game, the sound nearly kicks me off my seat.  But my easy and free hint solves that problem quickly.  I am also discussing how to use Help more effectively for those of us who need assistance right away.  It promises to be a really good newsletter, so watch for it soon.

Make sure you are Signed Up so you can read my monthly blog on information to help you with computer issues.

Pat, The Computerist

Hello “Secrets Neighbors” – Do you need a Manual for your Equipment?

I know that I try hard to put the manuals for my new equipment in one special drawer.  But, I do manage to loseWeight Exercise one from time to time.  There is a great answer on the Internet (of course) Manuals Online.

There are over 300,000 manuals and they add more all the time.  Naturally, this site is free – my favorite word!

If you are thinking about starting (or are in the business) an income from your embroidery, please check this link out. 
If you wish you have had more training for your computer skills, you will find my Tips and Tricks to be invaluable to you! 
Best wishes to you and yours, Pat