Removing EDR Files in Embird 8.8.c

I have just downloaded and installed the new Embird version 8.8c. I am running on Windows 7. It is great, however I am finding one problem.

When I open a design, and change the colors, then select the save color changes option, an EDR file is created. This has always been the case. However, I used to be able to go back and delete these EDR files, and my design would still keep the color changes.

Now, if I delete the EDR file, the colors revert back to what they originally were.

Under options, I do not have “Use EDR” checked. When I save the designs, I am selecting “Yes” to save color changes to the PES file.

In previous versions of Embird, I could go back and delete the EDR file, but still have the design saved in the updated colors, and continue to keep the new colors on continued access.

5D Embroidery for an iMac G5

My mom just bought 5D Embroidery System (in a box) from JoAnne’s Fabric store. She has an iMac G5, with MAC OSX operating system, version 10.4.11. It has 2.1 GHz, Power PC G5, and 1 GB memory.
We have no PC’s, and have never bought a previous version of 5D Embroidery.
Can you give me the exact steps I need to take to get her up and running on her Mac?
Thanks much….Kathy


My experience has always been with PC’s but there is a Yahoo group especially for 4D and 5D users that have macs.

I get the impression that most find the Parallels software the best to use so that the mac can run PC software as well as use its own short cuts etc. This is the sort of comment that you can find there:

 ‘Once Parallels was installed the 5D Pro worked flawlessly. As an aside, I originally installed VMWare Fusion, which is another partitioning program available for the Macs to run Windows. I did NOT like how much time it took to which between the 2 sides. With Parallels, you don’t necessary have to shut down one side to go to the other side. Also and this is a BIG PLUS, using Parallels allows you to use the shortcuts that I had use on the Mac side.’

I assume that all you have to do is install Parallels and then follow the PC steps to install 5D as that side of the computer thinks it is a PC!

Carolyn Duncan

PE Design Next

I have a Brother 950D and a Brother PR-600. I bought the PE Next Software which was a large investment for me, but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Please tell me the best way to learn how to use my software. Primarily, my idea was to scan my patterns to create ‘in the hoop projects’. I am a basic beginner, please help.

Dear Beginner,

PE Design Next, the latest version of PE Design is not yet available in Australia so Carolyn Keber, our Embird and PE Design expert has not had a chance to become familiar with it. At this stage we don’t have any tutorials for PE Design Next. A User Guide for PE Design Next can be downloaded from the Brother website  or you may find the store you purchased your software from can help with lessons in your local area. Keep an eye on the Secrets of Embroidery Brother tutorial page for new tutorials coming in the future.

Kind Regards,

The Team @ Secrets