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Embroidery Queries

How do I make my Embroidery Thinner?

I would like to know how to make my embroidery thinner. I usually come up with thick embroideries. Whenever I change the densities, the result is still the same. Next is, how to come up with “a detailed embroidery” I mean, have the best results whenever I am having the tiniest designs. – April

5D Embroidery for an iMac G5

My mom just bought 5D Embroidery System (in a box) from JoAnne’s Fabric store. She has an iMac G5, with MAC OSX operating system, version 10.4.11. It has 2.1 GHz, Power PC G5, and 1 GB memory. We have no PC’s, and have never bought a previous version of 5D Embroidery. Can you give me […]

How do you move Tackdown stitches?

Is there a way to move the tackdown stitches in an applique so that I am able to cut the fabric closer to the edge before the final stitching? I am making a potholder in the hoop with thin batting and there is always some of the batting sticking out the edges, making it look […]

Unable to Print Designs

Have upgraded from 4D extra to 5D extra and am unable to print designs from 5D. Can anyone help as I find it is a problem. Requested help from HV Aus but no reply yet. – Maureen

Lost Card Reader

I am new to embroidery. I have a Brother Innovis 2800D and just purchased PE-Design 8. Some how I (read: my kids) lost the card reader. What do I do now??? – Deb

PE Design Next

I have a Brother 950D and a Brother PR-600. I bought the PE Next Software which was a large investment for me, but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Please tell me the best way to learn how to use my software. Primarily, my idea was to scan my patterns to create […]

Husqvarna D1 Help Required

Can anyone help? I own a Husq D1 converted to USB, I recently had the Mother board replaced since then when I send a design to the USB and put it in the machine all the thread colours are wrong and the result is the embroidery stitches out in one colour with no or few […]