Corrupt PES Designs

Do you or anyone out there know if there is an anti virus program to check per embroidery designs for a virus. I have just had a design or designs corrupt my brother 6000d and I am now up for a new mother board at the cost of $1300. I have anti virus on my computer but guessing it doesn’t have the capability to check embroidery designs.

PE Design Portrait Software

I have a question. I have 2 Viking machines, and right now my most up to date software is Viking 4D Extra with the Portrait Stitch. I wanted to go to the 5D, but it is to expensive. I have a friend that has a Brother machine and has the Brother PE Design Plus Embroidery Software and she told me that it has a wonderful Portrait embroidery software to it. Can anyone tell me any thing about it. Are giving any tutorials on it. 

There is a dealer that quoted me one price, and it is a ride and I would get lessons, but, another dealer quoted me one hunderd dollars cheaper but the locaion was on the west coast and I am on the east coast and I would not get lessons on it. I was told that Version 7,8,9, and 10 are all obsolete. This is a step down from Brother PE Design Lite Embroidery Software. The Lite is expensive, and around $1000.00 and the Plus is maybe around 1/2 the cost. Will there be tutorials on this or are there tutorials on this. Plesse Help as I do not want to buy this unless there is some type of tutoral or help on this.


Hi Kathy,

Have you considered Embird for your embroidery software? Embird is a very popular program that can be used with any machine. Once you have the basic program, you can purchase “plug-in” programs that add extra features. Sfumato Stitch is one that allows you to digitize from a photo. Have a look through our Embird information here.

Embird can be downloaded and used in trial version for up to 30 days, so you can test the features prior to purchasing registration. We also have wonderful tutorials from our Embird expert Carolyn Keber, so you can learn your program thoroughly in a step by step manner.

Kind regards,

Margaret Hardwick-Smith
Customer Support
at Secrets of Embroidery

Which machine to buy?

I am looking at a new machine and it is between the VH Designer Diamond and the Pfaff Creative Vision 5.5. Can you offer any council on the differences between them?

Thanks so much,


I would wait and get the new diamond deluxe if finances permit.  My preference would be for the Husqvarna viking over the Pfaff as it seems to be less temperamental.  But I do have an older Pfaff so I have all the lovely stitches.  If you were to have one machine only then I could not live without the Pfaff stitches and dual feed system.

Carolyn Duncan
Author of Husqvarna, Pfaff and Sewing Tutorials

Autodigitizing 4.0 & Windows 7

I have a new laptop with Win7 and have installed Autodigitizing version 4.0.  After restarting the laptop, I click on the autodigitizing icon, and it keeps giving me the error, “E020C — Dongle not found. Please attach it.”  The dongle is in the USB port, so I am not sure what to do.  Please help.  Thanks, Helga

Hi Helga,

Autodigitizing was designed to run on XP and it was discontinued before the newer platforms so it does not have a dongle drivers for Vista or Windows 7.  I run my Autodigitizing on an older laptop that runs  XP.

Your only option on your new computer is to segment the drive and run XP on one part of the computer and  Windows 7 on the remainder.

Autodigitizing is not supported any longer as there was some sort of  issue between the developers and VSM.  It evolved into Generations as independent software. Which means that most of the older Generations tutorials on the net can be used with Autodigitizing.  It was unfortunate as the software is great.

This link has an old Vista fix for the generations dongle. Could be worth a try but I think that Windows 7 may not be happy with it?

Carolyn Duncan

Writing Multiple Designs


I have  an H-V #1+ and I just purchased the 4D reader/writer kit to use with my machine.  I am able to write one design at a time to the card but that is a pain when I am trying to write alphabets!  When I am in the organizer, I select all of the designs I wish to write to the card and click “send 1” it sends only the last one of the selection.  If I select multiple designs and click “File>Send multiple” It says “Communication has not been established with the machine, please ensure machine is on and all cables are connected properly”  I don’t know that I have the ability to connect directly with my machine, why can’t I just write all my designs to the card?