Embroidery Techniques

Embroidery on Golf Polos

I’m sewing a small logo on lightweight 100% polyester 4.1 oz golf polos.  Would a 70/10 BP be ok?  Also, what type of backing do you suggest? You are correct in thinking that a small ball point needle should work best. However, as you will be sewing through stabilizer as well, you may actually need […]

When Can I Resize a Design?

Dear Lodia and others I am contacting you from South Africa.  I have a Bernina Deco 340 and have recently upgraded my software to V6 Editor. I am wanting to know please WHEN and WHEN NOT can a design be ‘resized’.  Given that this facility is part and parcel of the embroidery software and built […]

Quilt in the Hoop Tutorial

Versatile crazy patch blocks are extremely popular as they can be made into fabulous quilts, wall hangings, bags etc. It’s easy to learn how to make your own using Carolyn Duncan’s new Quilting in the Hoop 2 tutorial with simple step-by-step instructions and clear images. Once you have created your own block design you can alter […]

Outline Alignment Tutorial

There are always new challenges and skills to be learnt in the embroidery world as machines become more complicated and hoops larger! Learn this method of combining designs accurately using Outline Alignment Stitches. Along with your tutorial, you will also receive 8 designs from Graceful Embroidery’s beautiful Japanese Blossoms collection.

Embroidering on Quilts

I have been wanting to embroider patterns and borders on quilts for a long time now. I have been wondering if I will need to use stabilizer for this. I would think not because of the stabilizer left  behind. How would I stabilize a quilt section for embroidering? Is this even necessary?

The Technique to Obtain the Velvet Effect

All the work has been done for you. 1.      Embroider the pattern of your choice following the provided colour sequence.  Use the suggested colours or an alternative selection. 2.      Start with the light embroidery colour. 3.      Change to the dark colour and continue with the embroidery.  Finish off the rest of the design. 4.      After […]

Tassels, Fringing, Tufts and Layers

How to stitch and cut tassels, fringing or tufts successfully as a second layer of the embroidery: Butterfly design from ‘Something Pretty” embellished with tufts. Embroidered tufts are just a smaller and shorter version of long satin fringed tassels. These short, fluffy, decorative tufts are stitched on top of the embroidered wings and might be […]